Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Time for another random bits and pieces post:

*Emersyn's menu has expanded quite a bit in the last few weeks or so. She is now eating the following: avacado, bananas, still eating some organic baby food puree's but not that many, applesauce, whole wheat bread/toast, cheese, vegi crisps, graham crackers, and more. My friend told me about mini sandwiches that she makes for her little one made out of bread and some mashed up avocado used as a spread. This is probably Emersyn's FAVORITE meal right now and I love that the avocado is so rich and full of nutrients. I take one piece of bread and spread some avocado on it and cut it into tiny cubes. Emersyn also loves cheese cut into small pieces. I was so scared to give her foods because of the risk of choking but I am slowly becoming braver.

*Found this cool website: It is a free online version of Quicken which helps you keep track of your spending, credit card payment dates, amd more. I love organizational tools like this and even better, it is online so I am not committed to only being able to view it on ONE computer. It is interesting (and convicting!!) to see what we spend our money on.

*I have discovered the deliciousness that is Veggie Crisps (like a veggie potato chip, got them from Costco, super low calorie) and hummus together. Once again, my brilliant friend introduced me to this!

*I have also discovered that watching a psycho thriller show like LOST (on Season One still) right before bed may result in disturbing nightmares. Gotta keep it lighter after 10pm.

Happy Wednesday!

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