Thursday, May 7, 2009


Doesn't get any cuter then this folks!!

Emersyn is a tired little lady this week. We have had something nearly every night this week and we are all VERY excited for an evening at home tonight!!

Last night Emersyn was Mommy's assistant while I showed a house to some friends who are looking to buy. I love working with friends because they actually like it when I bring my baby to work with me! After the showing, we wrote an offer, Emersyn's first! She wasn't too into it, she decided that she would rather play with Daddy while Mommy went through all the legal mumbo jumbo. I am really excited for my friends and the house they have selected is just beautiful! Lord, let the doors open if this is the right place for them!

Question of the day: what TV shows do you watch regularly? Sometimes I feel like we watch too much TV because our DVR makes it so easy to. I don't like this feeling. But often times we get home late from something and want to unwind so watching a show seems like a good way to do this.

What we watch:

*24 ( I have a love/hate thing going with this show. It stresses me out)
*American Idol
*Biggest Loser
*Celebrity Apprentice (I could probably live without this show)
*Hell's Kitchen (Could probably live without this show too, so much language and they are always smoking and trash talking)
*Southland (new cop drama on NBC that took over ER's former time slot, it's pretty good but kind of stressful at times for me)
*The Office
*Parks and Rec (eh, still undecided if we love this show)
*30 Rock (might be my favorite comedy, rivals The Office in my opinion)

That's about it. We do like some other shows (Jon and Kate Plus 8 for one) that we have recorded but don't hardly ever have time to watch them. Does this seem like a lot of TV to you? It does to me.....keep in mind though, I rarely actually sit and watch these shows, much to my husband's dismay. I like to clean up, sometimes bake, read, etc. while these shows are going on but often, to satisfy my husband's love language of cuddling and relaxing, I will cozy up to him on the couch and give in. We rarely watch any of these shows when Emersyn is awake, except for Idol sometimes. She likes to dance with us during the songs. Mommy gets the fast dances, Daddy gets the slow ones. :)

I think it's time to prune away some of these shows. I would love to cancel our DVR because I think that it would be less tempting to watch TV but then I think, I would have to sit through commercials which are a waste of time too.
What I would rather be doing then watching TV: working on my "Prayers for Emersyn" journal/scrapbook that I haven't even started (sorry Lou!!!we are doing this together for our kids); trying new recipes; making baby food for Emersyn, which I still have never done, just bought jarred organic stuff; taking care of my home; doing laundry; having a quality conversation; playing our new Wii and kicking my husband's butt at some Wii sport...I can be a little fiesty and competitive, he likes it, hee hee; taking a walk on a nice evening, although we haven't had too many of those so far this year; and reading something that will make me a better wife, mother or woman!

I am going to challenge myself to weed out some shows that I don't really care about and think about the eternal things that matter, such as the pride gained through completing a task around my home, investing in my education via reading, or doing something constructive that actually yields a result, versus watching something pointless.

Okay, those are my thoughts for the day! Happy Thursday!!

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Tiffany said...

Ok, so I was totally thinking about TV stuff this week because we just got DirecTV and a DVR (which by the way I am stoked about!). Everyone has interests, hobbies, etc. and if your families is watching TV together I think that's ok. I think as long as you aren't watching things that are a negative influence or neglecting things that NEED to be done, it's ok to decide that's what you want to do with your evening. When I think about what I could be doing instead (when all my chores are done) anything else would cost money. I'm already paying for my TV, so why not watch it. You have to be ok with turning it off when needed and making sure your priorities are in order. As much as I would love to be, we are not outdoorsy (not sure how to spell that) active people. I'm not going to try and be something I'm not. If the image of a perfect evening is sitting at home, snuggling with my hubby on the couch and watching TV, I am so ok with that.

We love...
*Parks & Rec
*The Office
*30 Rock
*American Idol
*SYTYCD (coming soon!!!!)
*Biggest Looser
*Lie to Me
*Terminator (don't judge me)
*The Mentalist