Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Day

Tuesdays are our family day. Right now, our crazy schedules only allow for us to have one day off together, which can be a bummer. BUT “for such a time is this”… I am content and looking forward to a future where we can enjoy TWO days off together, or maybe more, who knows. In the meantime, we are blessed with fantastic jobs that have great benefits and get to call a sweet little girl named Emersyn our own. What could be better?

This past Tuesday was full of fun so of course I have to document it! I am so excited, for Emersyn’s first birthday we are going to print out alllllll my blog entries and have them bound in a book. I think this is a service that Blogger offers, I am not sure but I know it is out there. Blogging is my alternative to scrapbooking. As much as I would like to get my craft on, I am a realist and often I don’t have the time, patience, or want to spend the money on supplies.

Back to Tuesday. Brett always gets Emersyn ready on our day off and on Sunday mornings when we go to church. I love that. But I get to pick out what she wears, every day of course, unless Brett wants to but he usually doesn’t have a clue. So I picked out Emersyn’s sweet dress from her Grammy, her leggings from Auntie Debbie, and her jean jacket from Auntie Marti. (Can you tell my child is spoiled blessed?) Brett got her ready and took her downstairs. Since it was a nice day, Daddy thought Emersyn might need her favorite accessory…..

I think her head has grown since we got these glasses for her...they are a little snug on her face which causes them to push down like granny reading glasses. :) She is stylish nonetheless!
After taking a million pictures of the exact same pose (do any other parents do this too, hee hee?), we headed off to lunch. I have been craving Claim Jumper. I just love their lunch combo of an organic spinach salad and a mini bbq chicken pizza. It was Emersyn’s first time there, or first time there in a high chair anyways. They were SO baby friendly! They had a placemat that stuck to the table (smart!)….

AND they brought her a “complimentary baby plate”. SCORE! It had an apple puree, mandarin oranges, lunch meat, and cheese on it. Emersyn ate it all, except for the lunch meat, she could chew it up well enough.

After lunch we went to the mall where we picked up a new lens for our camera. The nicer the lens you get, the more stuff you can do with it and since Brett got a little bonus from work, we decided to put it towards one of our favorite things…pictures!!

After the mall we went to Al’s Garden Center where we had a less then pleasant experience with the staff. (Don’t get me started, I already wrote a nice long letter of complaint) We did however get some plants.

Emersyn thinks her fingers are edibles. :)

"Here Daddy, you taste!"
We decided to plant some tomatoes and a blueberry bush. The blueberry’s aren’t planted yet, we need to do some research on the appropriate soil for it first. I am so excited to watch our tomatoes grow! We did a full sized variety and also a cherry variety. Home grown tomatoes are soooo good and I have been wanting to grow them since we were first married, ONLY about 6 years. :)

Lastly, here is a cute pic of my little lady bug taken with our new lens…I dig the blurry background.

Happy Thursday!

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Jennifer said...

For printing out your blog, check out

My friend just did hers through them and was really happy with the result.

So much easier than scrapbooking...and probably less expensive!