Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tid-Bits

*Emersyn is still sick. :( She has been sick now for one week. She doesn't have a fever though, just a runny nose and bad cough. I know the cough is bothering her though because last night I would hear her coughing and then she would cry for a couple seconds and fall back asleep. It kept me awake for most the night. That and the fact I drank a gallon of my new beloved green tea before bed and let me tell you, caffeine DOES in fact affect me. Ugh. If Ems is still coughing tomorrow, I am going to make an appointment for Thursday morning.

*Last night I made some wickedly good panini sandwiches. A friend of mine asked me to post my recipe awhile ago so here it is:

Amazing Panini's ala Brett
(he thought up the recipe)
*Rustic Sourdough Bread
*Mayo (We use the olive oil kind, better for you)
*Sun Dried tomato pesto (can get it at Winco in the produce section near the minced garlic)
*Thinly sliced turkey
*Thinly sliced tomatos
1) Mix 2/3 part mayo to 1/3 part tomato pesto, making an aioli sauce. You kind of can't go wrong with mixing these two ingredients. I like it MORE tomato tasting, Brett likes it less. It can definitely be customized.
2) Spread the aioli on two slices of bread. Layer turkey, tomato and provolone. (Just need one slice of cheese, too much will be overwhelming)
3) Brush olive oil or butter on outside of bread and place on panini grill, griddle or fry pan.
4) Brown/grill and serve. AMAZING. Simple and delicious and filling!
Well, that's it for now! Happy Tuesday everyone!


Tyler said...

Sorry your Emersyn is sick! Emma is the same way.. she has no fever but terrible cough and yucky nose...let me know what they say to you.. i have been debating on whether to take her or not. Hope she gets to feeling better soon!! Poor girl :(

Jules said...

Hope she is feeling better soon.

That sandwich sounds delicious...

LeAnna said...

Aw, hope baby girl feels better pronto!
That sandwich does sound mighty good!

Sue and Kevin said...

My heart sank when you wrote she would cry for a few seconds!
Love you Patti
Hugs & kisses to Ems from Grammy

Julia said...

So sad about Ems! I'll be praying.

And I can say from personal experience that this panini is one of THE BEST EVER! Y'all should seriously try it! (apparently I'm channeling my inner southern girl today!)