Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

It's Not Me Monday time again...therapy for the soul I tell ya..... :)

*Last Wednesday, it WASN'T me who changed my shift at work to 12-5 (from my normal 1-6) so that my babysitter could get to a meeting only for me to COMPLETELY forget to leave at 5 and happily continue working until I FREAKED out at 5:45 and realized that I was supposed to have left 45 minutes earlier!!!! Nope, I would never be that absent minded!!! (And it certainly wasn't the birth of my daughter that left me with fewer brain cells then before I had her!!)

*I am pretty excited and proud of our healthy living campaign. In an effort to find more nutritious meals, I have tried to have some vegetarian dinners planned. It wasn't me who posted on Facebook that I was sooooo excited for our vegetarian dinner that night featuring a baked potato and turkey chili!!! And then upon realizing that I had posted such a silly thing, er..I mean, NOT posted, I then did NOT call my husband frantically to have him log into my Facebook account and delete my status as to avoid public ridicule!!!

*On Sunday I totally did NOT root for the Vikings to win over the Saints. I don't even like football!!! I also was NOT extremely disappointed when the Vikings lost and say things like, "what was Farve thinking??". Not me, I DESPISE football!!!!

*While having dinner with friends on Saturday night, us girls totally didn't act like giddy kids while the boys played video games and we downloaded fun apps on my new iPhone. What sort of mature adults interact like that on a Saturday night?? And speaking of iPhones, since I got mine on Friday, I certainly have NOT pretended like I need to go the bathroom while my husband is home so that I can sneak in some fun games while he watched our daughter. Not me!!

*I never think unChristian thoughts towards Jillian Michaels during the 30 Day Shred video. And I certainly NEVER yell at the TV when she says things that irritate me as sweat cascades down my face. In fact, I NEVER sweat...I only glow. ;)

*I have NOT been putting off organizing my closet for weeks now. In fact, it wasn't MY brilliant idea that we take start folding all our clean clothes on the guest room bed so that we have more room to clean out the closet and dresser drawers. As a result of me NOT procrastinating, my guest bed is NOT covered in a sea of clean clothes, some folded, most not.

*I did NOT lay in bed this morning while my husband was in the shower, thinking to myself what a good wife I would be if I went downstairs and made him a lunch while he got ready, only to fall back asleep again.

Okay, I think you have heard enough about what I have NOT been up to lately! Happy Monday!!

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LeAnna said...

You crack me up. Seriously, about died over the vegetarian turkey chili. LOL!!!