Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new kitchen!

Hi everyone, it's me, Emersyn! It's been awhile I know but I wanted to show you all my cool new kitchen that Santa got me!!!

Isn't it cool??? My mom said she got a super good deal on it through Costco. I just love Costco. I especially like Coscto when the samples are out. But that's another story.
My mom and dad picked out this kitchen because it is made of wood and the color is gender neutral in case I have a little brother someday and he wants to play with it. We'll see if I LET him play with it!! I bet I will, I am a pretty sweet girl.
I guess Santa commissioned my dad to help him put this kitchen together during my naptime. I woke up from my nap and could hear my dad loudly complaning about the 50,000 nuts and bolts that my kitchen was assembled with. I had barely woken up when my mom came in, changed my diaper and then proceeded to BLINDFOLD me! I had never been blindfolded before so this was a new experience that I was open to.

The suspense was driving me crazy!!!! I was so excited!!!

Okay, that blind fold took longer then I thought it would to take off. Note my look of annoyance.

Cue the lights and heavenly music as I lay eyes on my new, shiny red kitchen!!!!

Hmmm...what should I cook first?

Sweet, it came with a phone! I like to put the phone to my ear and yell, "YEAH?" My mom says this isn't the proper way to answer the phone so we are working on that.

Cookin' is hard work. Maybe we should just call in some take out? Oh wait, most take out isn't low calorie so scratch that idea.

Even though I look kind of dazed in these pictures, I just love my kitchen! I can't wait to have my friend's over so we can cook together. My mom wants to make a sign to hang above my kitchen too, wouldn't that be cute? She is debating between "Emersyn's Cafe" or "Em's Place". We'll see. She often has crafty intentions that she isn't able to follow through on. That is because she has a lot on her plate, or at least that is what she is always telling my daddy.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Emersyn


Roxanne Schultz said...

SO SO SO cute! I think Em's Place would be darling! We cooked together yesterday and it was oh so much fun!

Julia said...

Emersyn, I sure love your kitchen! You are going to be a great cook! And tell your mommy to call me if she ever wants help making a great sign to hang over it! :)

LeAnna said...


Jules said...

We bought our granddaughter a kitchen for Christmas too. I love the red!

j said...

ahhhhh! love the look of surprise. how fun. i love costco too.

Carley said...

Love her kitchen! That is so cute! Tatum has a play diner and it's definately been a lifesaver.

I seriously "LOL" when I saw her blindfolded. So cute!

Melissa said...

That is the cutest & coolest kitchen EVER! They didn't make em like that when i was little! :)