Friday, January 29, 2010

TGI Friday

I snagged this idea from Tea (who snagged it from someone else, can't remember who) and I think it is such a great way to go into your weekend! :)

Trusting-that God knows the desires of my heart and has placed those desires in my heart with the intent of fulfilling them someday!

Grateful- that a week of hard work paid off! I lost 4 lbs! :)

Inspired- to FINALLY get pictures up in our dining room. Just bought two pictures shelves/ledges and we have been collecting frames from Goodwill that we are going to spray paint and then fill with pics of our sweet little monkey.

Favorite- new place! THE PITA PIT!!!!!!! We went there for lunch today and I had a super filling and delicious pita that was a little over 400 calories. AMAZING.
(I totally want to convince Brett to take me there for dinner tonight, ha! I can't stop thinking about it!!! I know, I know....moderation is key!!)

Random- I refuse to eat at Taco Del Mar now. We went there about a year ago and immediately noticed that they don't use gloves when they handle the food. I watched the lady like a hawk and she went and rang someone up, handled money and then went and got out the tortilla to make my burrito. I nearly gagged. Brett asked if another lady could make the burrito which was a little awkward but still. Then the new lady that was making my burrito had to go in the back for something and came out of the backroom and went right to touching my food without watching her hands. How do I know that she didn't pick her nose or worse in the back room??? We walked out and took a business card. I immediately called the owner and told him that I felt that his employees should be wearing gloves. He said that they wash their hands. I said that I watched two women NOT wash their hands. He said he would send me a certificate for a free dinner. Never got it. Ugh. So last week I found a vegan jr. burrito online that is relatively low calorie so I thought that we would give it another try. We go into the restaurant. Still no gloves. Ick. I watch the lady handle money, then reach into the chips container to get someone chips using ONLY her hands, no scoop or anything. Then she came over to the line, turned on the water, put her hands in the water stream for about 5 seconds, wiped them on her apron and started making food. FAIL. No soap, no nothing. We walked out. I want to call the department of health. Isn't that sick?!?!?!? Ha ha, sorry for rambling, I am so glad to have had an outlet to get this frustration out.

Interested- in learning more and more healthy whole food based recipes!

Dreaming- of what this time next year is going to be life after a whole year of lifestyle changes ad getting healthier. It's exciting!

Admiring- my BFF for starting her new eating plan this week. You can do it friend!!!!!

Yay!- for the many blessings in my life, including a HEALTHY daughter finally!! I haven't wiped her nose once today. I think her cold/ear infection is finally going away!!!


Melissa said...

That is so disgusting! I thought it was like...the law or something...that places like that have to wear gloves?!?! Am i wrong? YUCK.

Rachel said...

That's horrible. I would have left, too. I know here in Indiana that food handlers have to wear gloves, I would call the Health Department.

LeAnna said...

That is so gross about the no-gloves thing! Do NOT feel bad about walking out, that is for sure. My Dad was in the drive thru one time and saw the worker reach up and flick at his nose while he was making his food and immediately told the cashier that he wanted his money back! Yucky!
So excited your eating habits are on the right track, girlfriend! That is VERY exciting.