Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday!

It's been awhile since I have participated in a Not Me Monday! I am sure there are countless moments that I am forgetting about but this is what I remember off the top of my head.....

*I am so NOT obsessed with my daughter's hair to the point of using a roundbrush to style it while blowdrying it....before bedtime!! I NEVER have to pray for forgiveness for the pride I am overwhelmed with when I see Emersyn's shiny perfectly blown dry hair. While in Minnesota at the Mall of America, it wasn't me who got super irritated when Emersyn pulled our her carefully combed piggy tails while at "Bubba Gumps" and in retaliation, used a fork to comb her hair back into piggy tails, though they weren't nearly as perfect as I would have liked.

*Emersyn seems to get the bathtub confused with a toilet. Upon checking in on her in the bathtub, I saw her standing up the other day. I went to see what she was up to and discovered THE largest piece of poop that I have ever seen come out of a child. I then did NOT proceed to call my brother and his girlfriend up to verify how huge it was so I could report later to Brett how appalling this was, and when I fished the disgusting piece of poop out of the tub (with toilet paper!!), it then did NOT totally plug the toilet when I flushed it. Oh wait, it DID totally plug the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck???

*Just yesterday, it wasn't MY husband who had me call his cell phone 25 times so that he could find it before we left for church. He had it on the "meeting" setting which means it beeps once very quietly...and that's it. He looked all through the house in frustration saying, "I feel like I am getting closer to the beep." He didn't find it. Then while singing along to some songs at church, I felt someone nudge my arm and it was my husband, sheepishly holding his phone....which had been in HIS POCKET the whole time!!!

*Yesterday I could hardly walk due to the aftermath of two day's worth of "shredding". I was certainly NOT tempted to take the elevator down one flight of stairs at church. And the only reason that I didn't take the elevator and decided to suffer down the long flight of stairs WASN'T because I saw two of my friends by the elevator and I would have been embarassed to get in the elevator along with the elderly in their wheelchairs.

*Before I had children, I always slightly judged the moms that let their kids play at the mall "playgrounds". So when I take Emersyn to the mall, I certainly NEVER let her play there!! Well, last Friday when I was NOT letting her play, I certainly didn't catch her with someone elses binky in her mouth!!!!!!!!!!!! That isn't even the worst part, we couldn't figure out who the binky belonged to because no one claimed it. I nearly passed out, I am not kidding you. Brett sprinted over to her and yanked the binky out when we saw her happily chewing on it, which resulted in her throwing a fit. We immediately left, used about 50 antibacterial wipes to clean her up, and walked in a daze through the mall to our car, totally scarred. Ugh, that is why I NEVER let Emerysn play at those playgrounds and NEVER will again!!!!

Oh man, I know there are SO many more moments that I am forgetting!! Oh well....'til next time!


Tyler said...

OMG... the binky thing would have totally freaked me out! I have given in and let Emma play in the play area once or twice but like you said I break out the wipes when we leave... yucko!

Jules said...

Oh My Goodness, that would freak me out. (the binky thing)

I don't like those play areas at malls at all. Yuck

LeAnna said...

Okay, this made me laugh! You know how many times I've had people call my cell phone over, and over because I've lost it? Know how many times it's been RIGHT WHERE I LEFT IT!?!? :P And I would have spazzed about the whole binky thing. Guuuuhrossss! Just think, she's building her immune system! But, still. Gag. ;)

Sarah said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You crack me up! Don't worry, I won't judge you - even with the binky thing. Because, if it hasn't happened to me yet, it is sure to happen at some point. At Justin's band concert a month ago I caught Ellie with something in her mouth. In the moment that I turned my head, she took out her binky and placed a nasty almond in her month that had been hanging out on the auditorium floor at the HS. Who knows how many nasty HS kids had walked over it or kicked it, how long it had been on the floor, and how gross the floor was to begin with. ICK! But, you're a better mom than me. I immediately took the almond out and placed the binky back in. No anti-bacterial wipes from me. :( I guess what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! :) said...

Hi Patti :)
Can you please email me your address? I can't wait to send you the 3-1 in one book that has been encouraging my heart as a wife and mother. I pray you will find the same encouragement in His truth!
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