Friday, July 1, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. The best news I ever received was the most recent best news I have received was on October 4th when Brett called to tell me that he had been promoted, thus enabling me to pursue my life long dream of staying home with my babies.

2. Something I'm looking forward to is the month of August! Emersyn's birthday party, our friend's wedding that Emersyn is a flower girl in, another friend's wedding, my mom and dad visiting and the arrival of Mr. Everett David!!!!!

3. Something I would never do is try out for a reality tv show. :) Not judging those who have but I would never.

4. If I could choose someone to be my life coach (famous or not, living or dead), I'd choose Beth Moore.

5. If I had to put a label on my style it would be "lacking style", ha! No really, having a toddler and not being at an ideal weight makes it impossible to WANT to buy clothes right now. It's hard as a mom to be stylish, even though I have LOTS of friends that pull it off just great.

6. One should always do unto others as they would have done unto themselves.

7. I want to go on a getaway with Brett before baby #2 gets here but I just don't see how logistically that will happen. I'll just have to settle for a bunch of date nights. :)


Kristi said...

I cannot wait to see you at Dan and Erica's wedding in August!

Melissa said...

WOOHOO!! August is gonna be exciting! I can't believe how close it is!

Linda said...

Hi Patti...I'm Linda and I'm stopping in from Fill In The Blank Friday! (My first time)

You sure have a cute little girl...and I wish you well with your second baby who is on the way! That's great.

That is so neat that you get to be a stay at home mommy. So, is your baby a boy?...and are you naming him Everett? Emersyn and Everett! Cute.

We have a great niece named Emerson and her sister is Elliott.

I chose Beth Moore for a life coach too. I love her.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits