Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} A large barrel curling iron covers a multitude of sins when it comes to a lack of time and unwashed hair. I used my aunts when I was in California last month and I became hooked. I asked her for the name and model because it worked SO well on my hair (and because I have super thick hair that requires and super hot curling iron) and before I knew it, one showed up on my doorstep via Score and thank you Aunt Debbie!

{2} Emersyn has inherited my passion for closed drawers and doors. She can't stand it when people leave them open and will make a displeased sigh noise and go and shut it herself when this happens. I love it!

{3} Sometimes when I am too lazy to put baked goods in a baggie or tupper ware, I just put the plate or muffin tray in the microwave and use IT as a an airtight container. Lazy or resourceful, you decide.

{4} I really like the smell of play doh. That isn't my favorite thing about this magical substance favorite thing is it's ability to entertain my daughter for a decent amount of time.

{5} The next time I go to get an oil change I am going to wear a t-shirt that says "JUST BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN, DON'T THINK YOU ARE GOING TO TALK ME INTO PAYING FOR A BUNCH OF UNNECCESARY SERVICES ON MY VEHICLE". I took Brett's car in for an oil change at the dealership and let's just say that I'm anxious to give my feedback on the email survey that I was told would be coming my way.

{6} This is the face of a girl that RARELY ever has juice and NEVER has full strength juice. Her Daddy may or may not have bribed her with this juice bottle so that she would touch a snake at the aquarium. For the rest of our visit, the bottle was pretty much glued to her lips.

{7} I'm really loving our church's series on Proverbs right now. Yesterday the bottom line of the message was "build and bridge and get over it". Love.It. Great advice for me too. I tend to dwell on things, especially things/people I can't change. Getting over it sounds SO much easier better then dwelling.

{8} It's my personal mission in life to get all my friends to start a blog. FINALLY one of them gave in!! Check out my amazingly frugal and crafty friend's (Rachelle) new blog that she started with her cousin.... "Hey Sis". Become a follower too for great ideas! She is the one that did my shower and get this, she did ALL the decorations for my shower for right around $35. Seriously!?!? Amazing, can't wait to hear all about HOW she did it so I can totally copy her someday be inspired to try them out on my own someday!!

Happy Monday!!!

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Melissa said...

OOOH! I'm excited she's starting a blog b/c i SO want to know how she did that shower!!! It's was so cute!!

I TOTALLY agree about oil changes!