Friday, July 29, 2011

In less then a month....

My baby will be turning THREE years old. Her party is a week from tomorrow. We're going super simple and basically just having a bbq at the park with friends. I will be 37 weeks pregnant and needing to keep things nice and easy. :)


I will have another baby in my arms. Because Everett was measuring kinda big last time, my dr. is pretty confident that she won't let me go much past my due date (which is officially one month from today).

It's hard to believe how in a moment your family can transform. So much to think about and do still. I laid awake at night, laughing at a story that my friend told me that night about PF Changs and going into labor, and all of the sudden couldn't sleep because I was afraid that if I did go into labor, our camera wasn't going to be charged. I would have gotten out of bed to plug it in but hauling this pregnant body out of bed didn't sound fun and I was too nice to make Brett go do it. Still though, it kept me awake for awhile.

Speaking of PF Changs, I had a super fun girls night last night with some of my closest friends from church. Last year when Rachelle was about to pop, I thought it would be fun to do a "last hurrah" for her before her life was overtaken by a sweet newborn. Who knew a year later I would be planning one for myself and another girlfriend (Stella's mom) who is due just 2 weeks before me! It was a great night!

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