Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Ems is ready for a run!

{1} I am thankful for prunes on behalf of my daughter. Let's just say that one container of baby food prunes does *the trick*. Every once in awhile Ems gets a little stopped up and this little magic fruit really comes through for us.

{2} How is it that I am able to get more done while I'm waiting for something to bake or waiting for water to boil then when I have an entire day to clean?

{3} I've decided to start washing my sheets once a week consistently. It's like I'm a real grown up. There's nothing like starting the week off with clean sheets, am I right?

{4} Yesterday my pastor preached an awesome sermon about overcoming lazyness. It might just deserve it's own blog post.....stay tuned.

{5} There seems to be a recent wave of movies that encourage casual sex and dating without any sort of commitment and I think it's disgusting and sad. Two movies, "No Strings Attached" and "Friends with Benefits" have both shocked and disappointed me based on the previews. Why on earth do we as a culture encourage people to seek out sex purely for *fun*. Our heart is made to become attached to those we give pieces of it to and there is truly no such thing as friends with benefits where no one gets hurt. Lord help me as I raise a daughter in this corrupt world we live in and may her self worth be based on how amazing she is, not on what she's able to do with or for a guy.

{6} I love going on walks with my girl. She is a firm believer that fresh air is good for her baby dolls and I have to agree with her.
{7} This is my latest dinner obsession: bbq chicken wraps. I bought some of these uncooked tortilla's from Costco and they.are.amazing. They make regular store bought flour tortillas taste like processed cardboard in comparison. The only downfall is that you get like 1000 of them but they are still so reasonable. (And by 1000 I mean 44). I'd like to split them with someone sometime....anyways, I bought them but then all of the sudden I was not in the mood for mexican food at all. It could be because of the heat. So I decided to make up a recipe! We had them two nights in a row with some watermelon as a side and it was plenty of food AND delicious.

*BBQ Chicken Wraps*
Chicken tenders
BBQ Sauce
Crispy Fried Onions (like on green bean casserole)
Red Onion
Other options: black beans, corn, jicama

Sautee chicken tenders until cooked through and slightly browned. Spread some BBQ sauce on the top and let them sit for a bit with the heat turned off in the pan. Then shred the chicken. Cut up all the veggies. Throw it all together in a tortilla, add bbq sauce sparingly as needed, and enjoy!

{8} We're headed to a wedding today in Bridal Veil, Oregon. Looking forward to celebrating with my friend (that I've known since 4th grade) and enjoying some dinner and dancing afterwards!!

Happy Monday!


Kristi said...

I could not agree more about the movies. It is sad what are society is coming to.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The wraps looks awesome! I would love one with a tall glass of sweet tea.

We have been going on evening walks too. They are a great time to chat.