Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Shower!!!!

Yesterday I attended the most FABULOUS baby shower that I have ever been to, seriously. And the best part was, it was for me!!! :) My friends Rachelle and Vanessa totally outdid themselves with their creativity and craftiness. Ironically, exactly a year ago on the same weekend last year Vanessa and I threw Rachelle a baby shower for her daughter Sophia!! It should technically be Vanessa's turn for a shower next year so we're hoping that cupid brings her along the most PERFECT man in the near future so that Rachelle and I can throw her a bridal shower next July!

Emersyn and I, all dolled up and ready to go to the shower! It was really surreal to go to a baby shower for MY baby with my almost three year old baby. :)

Ems, waiting for the guests to arrive!

Brunch baby showers are so fun!

This was in lieu of a guest book. Rachelle painted this canvas, cut out some owls from the fabric for Everett's bedding, and then each guest did their fingerprint on the tree and wrote their name by it. I just love it. I will hang it in Everett's nursery for SURE!

Every guest also wrote out a "love note to Everett" with a welcome note, encouragement. So many people said something along the lines of him"being born into a wonderful family" and it made me so happy to read that. I will keep these little love notes for him forever. So special.

This is totally going to hang above his crib! Rachelle SEWED the letters onto paper bags. Super frugal and super creative.

Everett is going to be one sharp looking little guy, that's for sure. I got so many great clothes for him as well as other great items.

Emersyn, Audrey and Sophia: My, Vanessa, and Rachelle's daughters. Future besties. :)

We had such a great turn out, especially for a July weekend when a lot of people have so much going on. My heart is so full and happy. I am so blessed to be surrounded by an incredible community that is so supportive and loves my kids. This isn't something I take lightly and it challenges me to bless others and pay it forward!!

Thank you again to Rachelle and Vanessa!! Words can't express how grateful I am, TRULY!!!!

I still haven't put all the gifts away, hoping to get organized first. Once I do, I'll take some pics of the cute outfits that Everett got and a couple other neat things I received, including a very special necklace from one of my favorite friends, Caitlin. :)


Caitlin said...

you just know how much i love a good blog shout out :)

sister sheri said...

Patti! I am so bummed that I missed such an amazingly crafty shower for you! The gals did an amazing job! How thoughtful!!! Every detail!

Christopher and I hope to stop by some day soon and drop off your gift.

PS and your hair looks amazing!

Momma Hunt said...

SOunds like a great time with great friends. Congrats and nothing is better then lots of cute clothes for the sex of child you don't already have. I went crazy for girl clothes after I had my son!

Vanessa said...

Let's find me a man and plan a shower! :) :) :) :)

I had such a good time getting ready and crafting for your shower! I am so happy we're friends. You are so important to me and such an inspiration!

Love you and your family so much! xoxo

Carissa said...

Okay, you totally need to come link this up over at the CSI project here: