Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sibling Gift?

Pants are optional in our family apparently. :)

As the impending arrival of my sweet Everett David gets closer, I am thinking more and more about a sibling gift. I would say that most of my friends have had a gift for their child from the new baby at the hospital and vice versa. I think this is a sweet idea and I would like the gift to have some sort of special meaning if possible. That is where I look to you, blog friends, for any insight?

We decided that we are going to take Emersyn to "Build-a-Bear" and let her pick out any bear or animal that she wants to make for Everett. I think it will be cute to keep the bear in the crib until he is coming and then when it's time, she can pack him up in the little cardboard house container that they give you and bring it to the hospital for him. If Everett is anything like Emersyn, he will love it. She LOVES stuffed animals and gets very attached to them. She can go to sleep at night and have like 30 animals and babies in her bed (literally) and like 5 minutes after putting her down we'll hear her calling for whatever animal or baby that she left downstairs. It's so funny! Anyways, we are excited to let her pick something out for Everett from big sister.

Now my dilemma is what should Everett get Emersyn? I don't want to get her a stuffed animal from him because she really has so many already. A friend of mine that had a baby girl got the big sister a jewelry box from the baby and I thought that was sweet but more of a sisterly gift. What is a brotherly gift? I kind of want it to be something special and lasting, not like a toy or something. I just don't know. I'm not stressing about this by any means but would like to do something special. Maybe something that they can play together? Hmmm.

Let me know your thoughts!


Sherrie said...

Hi Patti-Yes, I still read your blog :)

Just thought I would tell you about a cute gift idea (that kids starting at age 2 can do). It's a journal that Ems would do with you about her brother's first year and later give to him. They can look at it together and see what her point of view was.

It's called,"The Big Sibling Book -Baby's First Year According to Me" by Amy Krouse


Aimee said...

In the same genre as a jewelry box, maybe Everett could get her an ID bracelet with her name engraved, or "big Sister" something that when she outgrows she will always keep as a special treasure.

Rachelle said...

This is sort of along the same lines as Sherrie's, but I have seen actual books that you can order that can be personalized with Emersyn and Everett's name. That could be a fun gift for him to give to her! Then when she comes to the hospital to meet him you could read it together. Here is a link to one that I have seen. but I am sure there are tons more out there if you looked!


Momma Hunt said...

hmmm, my son was super into blues clues so his baby sister brought him a blue clues dog that he still has in his bed a year and half later. What about some jewelry. Check out www.etsy.com something that maybe says big sister and their names on it. They have a lot of people who do metal stamping etc.

MiMi said...

Hi Honey,
What a great idea!
As I anxiously went to "Post a Comment", I saw that your friend Aimee had written already the present I came up with. Agreeing also with her "Big Sister".
Love, Mama