Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's in your purse?

Yesterday I grabbed my purse so we could run an errand and it felt heavier then usual. In fact, it felt like it had grown overnight. Since my purse is like one huge bag, versus divided by pockets, it often becomes some what of a black hole. So in the spirit of keeping it real, I decided to dump it out on the counter and reveal to you, my blog friends, what the heck was making my purse so heavy. I hadn't cleaned it out in awhile so I figured this could be interesting. Or not. But I don't really care. It's rainy and cold outside (silly Oregon weather) and Ems and I are having a chill day inside which includes some random blogging. :)

The purse.

The contents (after a little reorganizing).

In no particular order:
*A coupon for a free Starbucks drink
*A coupon for a free Garlic Cheese Bread to OSF
*Kohls coupon, 30 % of entire purchase. Not that I need anything at Kohls but you never know!
*Gymboree Coupon, 20% off
*Recipe Card from a bridal shower that I never turned in (oops)
*Large baggie full of "Shout" wipes that I found while organizing my linen closet and anti-bacterial wipes. I'm very OCD diligent about stain and germ removal.
*Two small packs of Huggies baby wipes
*One diaper
*One bib with OSF remnants from lunch on Sunday. The bib is now in the wash
*My checkbook, only because I got my hair cut last week and she doesn't take plastic
*Target receipts (3)
*Panda express receipt <-- eww. Not the best meal but we were short on time and it was close.
*UPS store receipt from mailing a bridal shower gift
*Notes from sunday sermon, it was a good one!
*Lotion from a fancy resort in Napa
*Random calculator phone of Emersyn's that doesn't work but she loves it for some reason
*Two bracelets
*My new favorite pen that I accidentally stole from my bank's drive through
*A rechargable battery (??)
*Spare change and a handful of crumbs from some snack of Emersyn's, I'm sure
*A very cloudy baggie full of tums (hello heartburn in the thrid trimester)
*Three mac lip glosses (because they are my favorite and when I actually get an occasion to wear lip gloss, I'm always a happy girl)
*Orbit gum
*Wallet (also needing to be dumped out and purged)
*Potty training elmo's sippy cup
*Little people cat (little people the brand, not the human kind, ha ha)
*Kaiser insurance card I need to toss or give to my daughter for her purse
*The giant receipt from our killer deal of a storm door
*My spare glasses
*Ems sunglasses
*Extra strength tylenol
*Costco coupons
*Tide Pen (might be a little excessive with the Shout wipes already being there)

What's in your purse right this very second? I'm curious.... :)


Tiffany said...

Mine would not be nearly as interesting :) Just my wallet, lotion, sunglasses and about 10 different kinds of lip moisturizer/gloss/lipstick....that I rarely ever wear ;)

Melissa said...

That is crazy-awesome!!! I have always loved big purses. But then i got tired of digging for my keys forEVER & the one i have now is much smaller (but not TOO small)! All that is in it is my wallet (full of receipts, coupons, etc), my planner, pens, probably some ponytail holders, dental floss hahaha (I am a bad flosser. i thought putting it in my purse would help, not so much!), a card i got a friend today, some hand sanitizer, chapstick, & ummmm...that's about it!

The Journey of Our Lives said...

Mine would not be nearly as interesting either. But it definitely needs to be cleanded out!

LaTosha said...

WOW! Now that is what you call the need for a suitcase, um uh I mean purse. hehe Stopping by from Wee bit Wednesday, cute blog and even cute little one :)