Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am a reformed football hater, it's true.

I used to be one of *those* women who moaned and groaned through every football game, football discussion, and pretty much every football season.

I would consider myself a fun wife. I have cheerfully attended auto shows, walked around Lowe's for (what seemed like) hours while my husband researched various projects, and have even gone to a couple pro sports events. This is all I can come up with off the top of my head, but I assure you, I am fun. Just ask Brett. ;)



One time on a three hour drive from Seattle, I let Brett explain to me in gritty detail the logistics of football. It was my idea. Perhaps if I could just understand it then I could learn to embrace it. I wasn't born to be a hater. Brett explained and I listened. I began to understand off sides, the different fouls, etc. I got excited for the next time I could watch a game and apply my new found knowledge. But alas, as I exited the car after our drive, so did every word that Brett had just spoken into my head. It was just gone. I attempted to watch a football game shortly after that conversation in hopes that some of it might return but it just didn't.

Instead, I saw what I always see when I watch a football game.

A bunch of men in uniforms that attack each other while trying to get a ball from one end of the field and amidst all their wrestling there is a strategy. Certain plays are better then others apparently, though I can't tell you what any of those are. And in between all the falling down, there are like 5 minute delays where they do replays and the commentators just go on and on and on. A 15 minute quarter somehow turns into an hour. I used to fall for the whole "don't worry babe, the game is only on for another 5 minutes". Now I know that 5 minutes = 50.


This year I am officially calling a truce with my hatred towards football. Yes, it was SUPER rude of the NFL to schedule the Superbowl on MY birthday a couple years ago and I am not still fully over that incident but I am willing to move forward.

See, I realized that football isn't all that bad. Yes it takes up hours of my husbands time. But guess what? That's okay......I have learned to pick my battles in marriage and as a result, I find there are less battles overall! (That's a whole other post in the making). I look at my sweet husband with his glazed over eyeballs as he watched a game and am thankful that he is home with me, rather then out doing something else. Football can be a family sport. Emersyn loves to sit with Daddy and yell, "go ball, go ball!!". Football means that I get to sit and read a magazine and not feel guilty about ignoring my husband. Football means that I can clean and do laundry and not feel like I am ditching Brett. Football means that I can be on the laptop, and not worry about *wasting* time. It can be a win win experience. Plus, I like getting together with friends to watch games; it gives the guys something to do and let's the girls chat and enjoy hanging out.

There are far worse things in life for a husband to love then football. I have decided to be okay with that finally this year. I will smile and nod my head enthusiastically when my husband recites meaningless football statistics to me. I will pretend to be interested when he makes me watch replays of things I just don't understand. No more nagging. No more pouting. No more moaning and groaning. And because of it, our home is sure to be a happy one this fall. :)

Go Broncos! (They are my dad's favorite team so I root for them too.)


Kristi said...

Oh my gosh this post is SOOO me! I did go to my first football game today though!

P.S. I do the same thing. The only reason I am Cowboy fan is cause they are my daddy's favorite team.

Tyler said...

I am a football lover!! I am so excited about kick off today (1pm EST in case you were wondering ;) We all pack up and head down to my moms every sunday and watch football and eat man food.. LOL. We dress in our fav team colors and enjoy the day! Nothing bonds a family better than football! ;)

Enjoy your day girlie.. you totally crack me up!

Melissa said...

HAHA! Patti, this is a great post!
I am the SAME WAY. I know what a touchdown is... & that's about it.
My facebook status yesterday said, "Melissa doesn't care about football. I know this may come as a shock." LOL. i just really don't care at all! & everyone's FB statuses are about FOOTBALL!

i have gone to one LSU game in my life & i had a blast! I got all into it & screamed my head off. I've watched the Superbowl a few times too & got into it or the LSU championship games. But i mean...less than 10 times, i guess. In my life. & i wouldn't end up watching those games unless i just happened to be somewhere where everyone was watching it. At home? Not gonna happen!

I always thought i wouldn't mind if i married a sports fanatic husband - i thought it'd be fun to invite some couples over to watch the game & i'd make cute little appetizers. HA! But turns out i don't have to worry about that... i married a guy who likes football even less than i do! He won't watch the game if everyone else is like i will! He'll take out a book! HAHA!

Sherrie said...

Love it! Good for you. I am grateful my hubby does not like sports...but I agree that you might as well embrace it. You are a good wife :) Plus, it will give you guys a reason to get together with other couples and have fun :) Oh, and possibly prepare Ems for when she dates a sports fan. LOL!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

amen sister! i feel the same way. i did this last year, when Scott had signed up for a fantasy fb team. ive accepted and don't mind fb much anymore!

Dara Wills said...

You are so funny! I happen to love football, but I feel the same way about tennis that you feel about football. Tennis makes me want to GAG!!