Tuesday, September 21, 2010

See ya later Gigi!!

Yesterday I had such a wonderful day with my family. Ems was feeling under the weather so I had the perfect excuse to stay home from work and enjoy my family. My brother ended up telling his work our situation and they let him have a personal day to spend with us. We sat around, watched tv, talked, laughed at Emersyn's crazy little antics, and just enjoyed each other. It was perfect.

David's wife Jenny wasn't able to come due to work and school but we missed her. Thanks for sharing your husband for the day Jen! :)

This morning we had a lazy morning and I stayed home from work again, mainly because Emersyn isn't feeling well. Brett arranged to have the morning off too which was so so sweet. I know that he wanted to spend more time with mom and Gigi, but mostly he stayed home to take care of me and I love him for it. I enjoyed my coffee with Gigi and we told Brett the story of how Gigi wore a pair of brand new shoes one time when she took me to Disneyland and how by the end of the day, the shoes were ruined because she ended up walking on the heels for most of the day because of the blisters. Fun memories. :)

We got a chance to take some more pictures with Emersyn before we headed to the airport.

I am actually doing much better today then I thought I would be, largely due to prayers and well wishes from so many of my friends. I parked the car and Ems and I took Mimi and Gigi inside the airport and got all their bags checked. Saying goodbye wasn't easy but the optimist in me really thinks that I just might see Gigi again......you never know. ;) Like Sarah said though in a very sweet comment, I WILL see Gigi again....just maybe not as soon as I'd like to. I told Gigi that we're all headed the same place; she's just going to get there sooner. Praise God for the hope we have in heaven.

And now, life returns to normal. My BFF is coming to stay with her little man (Emersyn's future betrothed, remember?) on Sunday and we have lots of fun times in store. My husband turns THIRTY next week too, I can hardly believe it. Officially grown up, or at least it feels that way.

God is good. Happy Tuesday.


Melissa said...

Aw... i will keep on praying for you & your family. I'm so glad you all got to spend time together as a family. HUGS!

Tyler said...

So glad today went better than you thought. What a sweetie Brett is to stay home and be an extra support system for you!!! Still praying :)

Jules said...

I love days like that with family...I hope Emersyn is feeling better.

Sherrie said...

Patti-I'm sure today was very hard on you. I was thinking of you all day.

Know that the Lord is mindful of all that we must endure in this life and if we have faith, he can lift our burdens and make them light. Take comfort that you will be with Gigi again someday and that sweet little Ems had the chance to make memories with her.

I miss my grandparents dearly. It will be hard my friend, but you will endure. You are a strong woman. -S