Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

Well, this is NOT the Saturday I envisioned, nor the Labor Day weekend in general! Poor Brett came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday night. It was kind of ironic actually. I was sick and decided to stay up a little later then usual because I knew Brett would happily get up with Emersyn on Thursday morning so that I could sleep in. Well, Wednesday night we went to check on Emersyn and her room reeked of sour milk. I thought there must be a cup of milk in her room that I hadn't taken out or something and then Brett noticed throw up all over in Emersyn's crib. Poor poor baby. It was our first middle of the night crib change due to throw up as parents which I'd say is pretty good considering Emersyn is two now. Ems wasn't crying or anything, in fact when Brett got her up while I got the bath ready she was VERY excited to see me, like we had woken her up for some late night fun. I gave her a bath while Brett cleaned everything up (bless his heart) and then we put Ems down in her pack'n'play in our guest room so she could get to bed and we could finish cleaning up. I am 99% sure that the reason she threw up was because of this allergy related cough that she has that gets especially worse when she is sleeping, probably because of drainage down the back of her throat. She coughs so hard that it makes her gag, which can lead to throwing up.

Ironically a couple hours later, I woke up and Brett had thrown up. He continued to throw up every 20 minutes or so and in between barfing he was moaning about how much pain he was in. Poor baby. All day Thursday he was in bed or on the couch, couldn't hardly move. Needless to say, I didn't get to sleep in.

Friday we were supposed to hang out with one of Emersyn's best buds, Emery. However, since we were all under the weather I had to cancel. I was so bummed; Emery is such a sweet girl and I had a fun day planned for her and Ems. I didn't want Emery to get a stomach bug though. Yesterday we laid pretty low and then felt a little better, enough to go to my brother's birthday dinner anyways. We went to dinner at Famous Daves and split a meal, nothing too heavy and felt fine.

Then Brett got sick again last night a couple times. :( I am so frustrated on his behalf....I can't think of how to help him or make him feel better, other then to let him sleep and keep Ems away from him so she doesn't get sick. Poor baby. He had to call in sick which I know stresses him out but I assured him that it is not his fault.

Geez. Hopefully he is feeling better by tonight. I am going out with some girls to have one last hurrah before my friend has her baby girl sometime this week (hopefully). Say a prayer for her if you don't mind, her baby is breech right now and the dr. tried to turn her with no success. God is good though and we are praying for Sophia to turn on her own now. Anyways, I am excited to hang out with the girls. Last weekend we were talking about how you go out for a bachelorette party before you get married as one last girls night out before you get married, you should get to do something similar when you are prego, don't you think?

I have been going a little crazy being inside so much. I haven't been uber productive because I haven't felt great either with my cold. I am feeling a little better today. Emersyn is still congested though but not too bad. I can tell she has cabin fever too, she keeps running over to me saying "go get mail, go get mail" or "go bye bye, go in car, go bye bye". I think I'll take her to run some errands this afternoon. I miss my Saturday market buddy, she is in New York living it up!!! I can't wait for my "I <3 NY" coffee mug lol. (Just kidding Caitlin).

Well, thanks for letting me get all that off my chest. Please pray that Brett feels better soon; I am lost without him. I am wishing my parents lived her today too, they would totally go run errands with me and I'm sure that would include a Starbucks run. :)

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!


OurLittleBlessingS said...

hope you all start feeling better soon! it stinks being under the weather!

Kristi said...

I hope ya'll feel better soon! And I can't believe my mentor and leader from youth group is having a baby so soon!

KellyW said...

I am so sorry! My hubby got a bad stomach bug back in Feb. and we ended up the same way you guys did. I was the only one to escape it. He & Ryan were both so sick. I hope you all get well soon!!

Melissa said...

Wow, Patti! That is just no fun!! I hope your hubby feels much better very soon! Emersyn, too! HUGS!

A New England Girl said...

Ouch! I don't get sick often, but when I do, I seem to have what your hubby has. I hope he feels MUCH much better soon -- and I hope you and Emersyn don't catch it.