Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too much of a good thing?

When I found out we were having a baby girl, a lot of shopping began to take place. In fact, the day after my big ultrasound we headed down to the Woodburn Company Outlets (which are AWESOME) and went on a bit of a shopping spree. I have to admit, Emersyn's MiMi loves to spoil her, along with many of our other loving family members. I remember Brett protesting when the piles of clothes in our guest room bed started to add up but I told him, "you just can't have too many baby clothes, especially for a girl!!!!".

Two years later, I would like to officially retract that statement, ha ha!!!
Last night we went through alllllllll of Emersyn's clothes and sorted them into sizes/seasons and tossed the clothes that were badly stained or just never fit right, etc. I am sooo blessed to have an amazing neighbor that has gifted me with lots of hand me downs, so on top of all the clothes from MiMi, Emersyn had a great collection of hand me down clothes too. As we went through all the clothes, I began to realize that maybe she didn't need 35 dresses for the spring of 2009. Or perhaps, 3 or 4 pairs of shorts might have cut it last summer versus the 15 I felt like I folded and put away last night. If we have another girl, she is going to be set, even if they are born at different times of the year. That is a nice thing about girls, dresses can be worn over jeans, leggings and voila, they become suitable for the season.
I pulled out some of my very favorite items to let my friend Rachelle borrow for her baby girl (who I get to visit tonight!!!!!). I have these adorable newborn boots from Baby Gap, several dresses from Gymboree, and other things as well. I trust Rachelle whole heartedly to take good care of the clothes and totally wouldn't care if something got stained; I know babies spit up and it happens. But I can't wait to squeal in delight when I see Sophia wearing something of Emersyn's. :) Brett went through the clothes with me and it's hard to believe how tiny Emersyn used to be. Wow.
After we finished sealing everything up, I went into Emersyn's room to get her current clothes organized and finally put away the clothes she got for her birthday. (Emersyn was sleeping in a pack and play in the guest room so that we could work in her room). I pulled out a couple bags of clothes from Sherrie that I hadn't gone through in awhile and found a gold mine of stuff, including SHOES!!!!!!!!! I am so happy, I found some Nike's and pink Converse that are size 6 which is the size she is in right now. I am going to take back the $25 Puma's that I got from the Nordstrom sale, score. Yes, the Puma's are adorable but so are the Nike's and Converse. Yay for $25!
I have a couple of friends with baby girls that have hinted about wanting any hand me downs that we have to give away and I would SO love to give away clothes but if we had another girl, then we would be starting all over again. A lot of my friends with older kids have advised me to hang on to what I have at least through another kid. It would be a blessing to already have SO much for another girl and most of it is in great shape too.
As I cleaned up Emersyns' room last night, I became so very aware of the fact that she isn't a baby any more. All of the sudden, her room looks way too baby-ish for her. I really want to update it a little for her to make it more little girl friendly. I want to get a small bookshelf I think for her room and also put up some coat hooks for her purses, coats and hoodies. She is starting to get into jewelry too so I want to get her some more beads and play jewelry. I love my girly girl!!!!


OurLittleBlessingS said...

do you have wicked baby fever now!! lol

i love looking at mia's adorable 'baby' outfits. and it's still hard for me to this day to pack away my favorite outfits of hers. i agree. we were given TONS of stuff and i bought so many thing on clearance/garage sales that we are set too. i also wont be giving anything away until we're done having kiddos-but a lot of my friends will pry start about the time we're done so the circle of giving will continue! cant wait to see the room makeover!

Tyler said...

We have been doing the same type thing lately. All I can think about is if I have a boy I am up a creek with out a paddle!! I dont know about yall but we did everything pink.. from carseats to strollers and jumperoos. I def did not even think about it at the time. So we will just see what happens I guess!

We bought E some pumas too! Did you get the white ones with the pink little stripe or whatever on the side and the air bubble on the back (like a nike)?!

Hope you get to reuse some of those precious clothes sooner than later!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep your clothes! I'm so amazed at how much stuff I don't need to buy this time around. Even with them being born in complete opposite seasons I still have stuff that works. Yeah for big kid rooms!

sister sheri said...

I cannot imagine having a baby girl! I would have been in such debt!!!

Matt and Melissa said...

Girls are so much fun but you are right about the clothes. We had bins and bins in the attic from Madison. After I found out what the boys were I got rid of most of it. Now I have bins and bins of boys stuff times 2. Yikes! Thank goodness for Pass it on. I love your vacuum bags. What a great idea and space saver.