Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of Tumbling/Thursday Tidbits

*Emersyn had her first day of tumbling/gymnastics. She was too stinkin' cute, seriously. Our class was only 5 minutes away from my house, yippee! We did a 10am class and signed up with our friends Caitlin and Emery.

Emersyn made sure she was hydrated before class. She also made sure she had her phone in case she got an important call.

Em & Em

Emersyn caught on really quick to doing somersaults on her own. I think it's because she had done some "practice tumbling" at my friend Amancia's last Wednesday. I was so proud of my little tumbling girly!!!!!

We went home after gymnastics and I wanted Emersyn to have a snack, particularly a banana since we had a bunch that weren't getting eaten. Emersyn didn't want it, but then I told her that in order to be a good gymnast, you need to eat very healthy foods like bananas and she totally gobbled the whole thing up after I said that and was SO proud of herself.

When we got home later that night, Emersyn was soooo excited to show her daddy some of her new moves, including her somersaults and stretches.

Clearly I'm going to need to get her some athletic apparel, don't you think?? Can I just tell you how in love my little girl I am!!!!

Okay, onto some Thursday Tidbits!

*While my mom was here I baked and cooked up a storm. I think I have finally acheived a level of domesticity that I can be proud of. I've been doing great keeping my downstairs picked up too!! Tonight we are going to watch our Thursday night shows and put up some fall decorations. I'm.So.Excited.

*Tonight I'm making some corn chowder to take tomorrow to a gal at my church who just had a baby. Corn chowder is SO much better the second day. I hope that they like it, it's one of my family favorites.

*This weekend is going to be busy busy. Friday night we are celebrating Brett and his Dad's birthdays that are about a week apart. We are going to Claim Jumper which will be fun. Saturday morning we're going to the farmer's market with our friends. Saturday afternoon we are going to a Minnie Mouse birthday party for Emersyn's friend Ellie, and then that evening we are going to hang out with our friends James & Rachelle and their two week old baby, Sophia. Sunday afternoon we have a birthday party that is at a horse farm where the kids will get to ride horses so naturally I had to go and buy Emersyn a pair of cowboy boots!! (They will be her brown boots for the Fall/Winter too, that's how I justified the purchase). Sunday evening we will go to church and then that evening my bestie and her little man will arrive for the week. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about my weekend. Luckily, tomorrow will be pretty low key before we gear up for the big weekend fun!

*Today we went to Home Depot and bought a timer for our front porch lights FINALLY. I have been wanting one forever...I can't stand it when we leave the lights on for the whole day. Such a waste of energy!! Brett is working on installing it today. We also bought a dimmer for the dining room!! I hate how bright our dining room can be, it's almost a harsh light when we are trying to enjoy a romantic dinner or entertaining. Brett already got it installed and I can't wait to see how it looks when I get home.

*This morning I asked Emersyn if she was ready to use the big girl potty and she said, "no....not yet". It was such a grown up thing to say, it made Brett and I laugh.

*On Monday Emersyn told me that she put Elmo in timeout. I asked her why. She said, "he not obey.....he sad". It was hilarious. She totally gets the time out concept.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!


KellyW said...

I am so glad Emersyn loves tumbling! Ryan loves his class too. We are going tomorrow! Isn't it funny the things these kids are saying now? Ryan amazes me and cracks me up every day. Happy Thursday!

LeAnna said...

I think Q would love tumbling! My SIL teaches a Mommy and Me class, but I just don't know that I can swing that with a newborn in tow. Might have to wait a while! She looks so stinkin' cute with her water bottle.

sister sheri said...

Wow! She's such a big girl!

Melissa said...

HAHAHA! I love the things she says! LOL.

And i love that she's taking tumbling! How cool is that!

KellyW said...

I have a couple of blog awards for you. Head on over to my blog to snag them :-)

Tyler said...

OK I am commenting on this post and the horse post.. because somehow I missed this one the other day!

The horse pics are too cute.. she looks totally adorable with her little boots on up there on that horse.. how fun!!!

Also gymnastics? What a great fun idea!!! May have to steal that one for ya and see if I can find some classes for E. I have been wanting to put her in something but do not think I am ready for dance yet.

So glad you have had a wonderful weekend and great time with that sweet little girl of yours