Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Here are some pics from the wedding festivities this past weekend!

Emersyn really did great considering. :) She fell asleep on the way out to Tillamook both times and she's a little like her mama in the fact that she wakes up somewhat on the cranky side. She was really excited to be in the wedding though. I wonder if she thinks that you just are in weddings each summer. Last summer she was in two and this summer one. I'm sure she's assuming she'll be in another one next year and who knows, maybe she will. :)

Ems at the rehearsal dinner. I love this dress on her. I got it on major clearance at the Gymboree outlet when I was down in California in June and she hadn't gotten a chance to wear it yet. The rehearsal seemed like a great special occasion to wear it to. :)

The wedding venue was beautiful and the weather was a little on the chilly side but not bad. I'd much rather be a little chilly then blazing hot!!

On the morning of the wedding we took Ems out to breakfast and then to Toys'R'Us to pick out a new baby as a *reward* for being sweet and cooperating in the wedding. In the picture above she's introducing her old baby to her new baby. She was SO excited to get this baby out of the box. I was waiting with the new baby at the end of the aisle as she walked down. :)

Brett decided to wait with Ems and the bridal party and I was the one to be at the end of the aisle since she was less likely to want to leave me. She was really shy and hesitant at first but eventually walked to me. She forgot to spread the petals though. Oh well, how much can you expect from a not quite three year old? :)

Since the wedding was outdoors, I just cleaned up Emersyn's saltwater sandals instead of buying her new white shoes and they looked darling with her dress. I got her dress at Target around Easter time and I think it was the most perfect flower girl dress!!

Emersyn and Ian, the groom's nephew. These two are buddies and love each other, it's SO cute.

These two little boys competed for Ems attention all night. Hilarious!

First dance with a boy!!! Emersyn LOVES dancing. The whole day of the wedding (and the rehearsal) she kept saying, "Is it almost time to dance"? She danced for the entire reception, literally from the first song to the last. It was adorable. She also insisted that Daddy be on the dance floor with us. I'm praying that 90 minutes of dancing resulted in a dropped baby for me!!!

This joyful face pretty much sums up how Emersyn felt about dancing. :)

I'm so thankful to the Meichtry and Connolly for including Emersyn in their special day. This wasn't Emersyn's first Meichtry wedding though. She went to Daniel's brother's wedding when she was only three days old. :)


Melissa said...

She is SO CUTE! Love that last pic! :) And love that dress from the rehearsal!

Hope the baby dropped with all that dancin, too! :)

MiMi said...

She's just so happy! What a joy it is to see her laughing, having fun, dancing and the picture with her Daddy is just so sweet!
Love you