Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everett's nursery!

The nursery is FINALLY done! Oh my word, it took forever! Emersyn's nursery was completed a good 3 or 4 months before her arrival....we finished Everett's about a week or two before his. It just goes to show you how different things are the second time around. :)

As with Emersyn's nursery, the green color in her room is really hard to photograph. I feel like it looks a LOT brighter in pictures then it does in person. Yes, it is a bright green but it's no where near the neon color that sometimes shows through in pictures.

Remember this wall?

Now it looks like this!

I'm really happy with how the blue color turned out. It was SUPER easy to paint over the pink stripes and took probably an hour between priming and repainting. Initially Brett had thought about painting a solid blue wall but I reallllly wanted to keep the stripes. It's such a simple and cheap way to add a lot of flair in a small room.

I'm proud to say that with the exception of the bumper, all of Everett's bedding is hand made and partially by me! When I was pregnant with Emersyn I didn't attempt to get crafty in any way in her nursery. I was working very part time at Pottery Barn Kids and since my discount was so great, it was just easier to buy everything. Everett's nursery definitely has a lot more character and I love it.

We didn't have a changing table in Emersyn's nursery. We had a "hemnes" dresser from Ikea that we just put a changing pad on and it worked out REALLY well for us. Since Emersyn needed a dresser in her room, we let her have the hemnes dresser and bought this changing table for Everett for $40 off of Craigslist! I was happy with our second hand find and I also like that it takes up a lot less space then the dresser did. We obviously lost a lot of storage but we are using an old dresser of Brett's in the nursery closet for now.

We were able to find so many containers that coordinated with our theme! The green basket had a gift in it from Auntie Jenny and Uncle David (such a clever alternative to a gift bag!) and we found the navy basket at Walmart and the teal laundry basket at Target.

This mobile used to have birdies on it until SOME one tore each birdie off one by one during her nap when she was a baby. :) Since then it has been stored away, just waiting to be used again. I was originally going to make some owls out of felt to hang from it but then I decided to embrace the reality that I'm running out of time, patience and creativity and used the leftover pinwheels from my baby shower. Rachelle, did you have any idea your decorations would get THIS much use out of them?? :)

Another baby shower decoration reused. It's just darling, don't you agree?

I love the letter E (obviously). A friend of mine had read a tutorial about yarn wrapping letters as decorations. I thought this sounded fun and brilliant until I tried to do it on more then one letter. The navy E is wrapped in yarn and was fairly simple to do, except for the corners. I was going to get creative with wrapping the corners and in hindsight it might have been wise to use some spray adhesive first for just the corners and get the yarn to stay that way but since I had already completed it, I decided to just leave the corners bare and go for a more *rustic* look (which I've learned is a crafty person's way to say imperfect, ha!). For the yarn wrapped letter I loosely followed THIS tutorial.

The letters were a super inexpensive way to decorate too. All of them were purchased at JoAnn's Fabrics and most of them were bought with a coupon. The large E was $6 and I painted it with the paint we used on the walls. The white letters were $2/each with coupons, the yarn wrapped letter was $4, and the fabric letter was $3 and wrapped with scraps leftover from the bedding.

We got the wicker baskets from Homegoods that were relatively inexpensive ($15 for the set) and the teal baskets were in the dollar section of Target. I used them to hold utensils and napkins at Emersyn's birthday party too.

I made this fabric board using this tutorial but modified it a bit. I covered a cork bulletin board instead of particle board. In hindsight, this was not a good idea IF I wanted to put buttons or something at the ribbon cross sections (like pictured in the tutorial) but instead I was able to just pull the ribbon nice and tight and it's taut enough to display pictures and cards. This was another *rustic* project, ha!

This is the dresser in the closet. It's not white which is why it is hidden and we didn't want to paint it because we'll use it someday in Everett's big boy room where we mostly likely won't want white furniture for him. This was Brett's dresser as a teenager.

Still so surreal to see boy clothes hanging in this closet!!

We had to put a couple pictures of the big sister in Everett's room. How precious is this little face?

This was one of the first gifts I received after finding out that Everett was a boy. Rachelle made it and it's got crinkly paper in it so it will be a fun thing to play with, as well as a cute decoration. :)

I found this little love note in the stack after my baby shower. My friend Caitlin helped Ems right her own little love note to Everett while I was opening gifts and I think it's just darling.

Well, we're about a week or two away from welcoming Mr. Everett. We had a great weekend that I'll blog about tomorrow. Hopefully this weekend resulted in my little man dropping too. We'll see for sure on Thursday. :)


Melissa said...

LOVE the nursery! Everything about it is perfect! Love the stripes! And the memo board you made! And the cute owl your friend made! And the crib! Honestly, I love it all! :)

Rachelle said...

Glad that it is done and finished (with a few weeks to spare). Hopefully your crazy weekend means a dropped baby (the good kind of dropped... oh you know what I mean). Really need a tiny baby to love on... or I am going to have to resort to having another one of my own... which I am in NO WAY prepared to do!

KellyW said...

It's beautiful!! You did such a great job. He is one lucky little boy.

sarah said...

I love the nursery!! It looks great!
The yarn wrapped E came out fantastic, thanks for using my tutorial :)