Monday, August 1, 2011

Miscellany Monday

{1} I'm a big fan of cinnamon LIFE cereal. It pretty much always sounds good to me, morning or night.

{2} At least 3-4 times a week my husband tells me of an incredible invention idea that he has. I am super supportive and excited for him. And then usually within a couple hours of sharing his big idea, he finds it on the internet, already invented and I pretend to mourn the loss of his idea and the potential for our early retirement together. I can tell he appreciates my support. And I think he's adorable for continually coming up with ideas.

{3} I saw this number candle at Winco and asked Ems if we should get it for her party. She studied it and really debated. She decided to keep it and then a minute later put it back on a shelf and said, "we shouldn't get's not on sale". I assured her that it actually was on sale and she seemed pleased and agreed to let me spend the $.68. I seriously think her dad is programming her behind my back to keep an eye on my spending, ha ha.

{4} One of my best friends moved away about 7 years ago and I haven't gotten to see her very much since then. Thankfully, her and her sweet family just moved back into town and I've LOVED getting to hang out with her. Thank you Lord for low maintenance friends. I always feel so refreshed hanging out with her and I'm so so thankful that our kids get to grow up together now!

{5} Yesterday after church we took Emersyn to pick out a "Build-a-Bear" for Everett as a gift from her. After much deliberation she decided to get a bear that was on the smaller size which is perfect and best of all, it was the cheapest bear there, ha! I had said that she could pick any bear but she liked this one the best. We also had a $5 off coupon so the bear cost us a whopping $5. I think Everett is going to like it. We named him "Brother Bear".

{6} After Build-a-Bear we went to check out the last day of the Nordstrom sale. Brett wanted some slip on Jack Purcells that were on sale and he needs casual shoes so we agreed he should get some. Then while we were waiting to try them on, I glanced over and saw the same shoes in the women's section (since Jack Purcells are gender neutral). Yes, it's true. We now have matching shoes and I love it. Now to complete our yuppy family fashion statement we need to find some for Ems. :)


Emily said...

Stopping by from lowercase letters... I just have to say that after reading your #2, I literally laughed out loud. Our husbands have that in common! :) Your little girl is just beautiful! Have a great Monday!

Jamie said...

I love the name Emersyn. And my hubby's an "inventor" too. He usually decides after researching that his invention would be to expensive to create and moves on to another plan.

Lori said...

That is so funny that your husband is an inventor! My husband thinks he's a redecorator. He's constantly moving stuff around in our house. Not fun for me.

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous.

New follower, please stop on by..

Melissa said...

This was the best MM ever! Haha. Love all of them! The one about the candle & about your husband's inventions cracked me up!

MiMi said...

Just love Emersyn's answer's back to you!
Really hope you are writing these down!!!