Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramblings & Soccer Camp!

Have you ever written a blog post and then re-read it and thought to yourself, I sound like a total downer? Yeah, me neither. :) I wrote out a post and decided that some thoughts are better left unsaid in the blog world and better said in my prayer journal. It's funny how social media has turned our society into one that is constantly seeking recognition and approval from others and sometimes I think that I tend to whine about issues that I want people to tell me isn't my fault or that I'm still a *good* person. But seeking that approval is what gets me into trouble in the first place. So instead I will pray. And instead I will blog about the highlight of my day......SOCCER CAMP!!!!! :)

I saw this class in the local parks and rec guide online and I just HAD to sign Ems up. If I wasn't so pregnant already I would have signed her up for a couple more but we're just about out of time for summer classes. The camp is 4/30 minute sessions at a local park and it was a BLAST! Emersyn had a great time and did really great. She is very goal oriented (no pun intended, ha!) but she totally grasped the point of kicking the ball into the net. My favorite part was where we had to put on jerseys and the parents were on a *team* and the kid was on another *team* and we had to try to get the ball away from each other. Emersyn was laughing hysterically as she tried to keep me away from the ball and it was so so fun. Emersyn's buddy Emery did the class with us too and everything's always more fun when you're with a friend, right? :)

Emersyn tried a dance class probably about 6 months ago that she didn't really love and I was hoping to put her in it again but I think I might try to find something more athletic for her, even like tumbling. I just don't see her doing dance but maybe that could change as she gets older. Most of the programs are so expensive for kids and since she's still so young, I don't want to be too eager to sign her up for things when going to the park is just as fun. This soccer camp was only $16 which is totally in my price range. Plus, it gave me good ideas of how to play soccer with her in a way that makes sense to her. I'm excited to see what they cover in the other three classes.

Brett went into work late today so that he could go to her first day and that meant a lot to me. He really wanted to be there, I didn't even ask him to. I'm so thankful for the flexibility in his job versus jobs he has had previously. He can't be at everything but he can at some things and that's a wonderful thing!

When we got home Emersyn went down for a nap and I relaxed for a bit and then got to work in Everett's room. I got the first load of clothes washed, folded and put away. I had to get out all of the newborn things and put the rest away for now. We have limited storage in his room right now and with things being SO tiny, I don't have the ability to hang things up like I was planning on doing. I think even the three month size stuff will hang up but the newborn stuff is soooo tiny. I have gotten so many great hand me downs from friends and I can't wait to see my boy in things that I have seen my friends boys in. :) I packed my diaper bag with a few outfits for Everett at the hospital. Want to know something funny though? I have totally forgotten what even goes in a hospital bag! I know I don't need to bring diapers and wipes and stuff, although I remember a friend of mine brought her own wipes because she didn't like the things that they used at the hospital. I guess I'll bring a binky, his clothes....I need to pack a bag for myself to but again, totally blanking on what goes in there. I'll look it up online, no need to write out a list for me. ;)

I'm reusing the pinwheels that were used for decoration at my baby shower to make a mobile for Everett. I was going to make some felt owls but I am running out of time, energy, creativity, and motivation. I LOVE the colors of the pinwheels and am really excited to see how it turns out! I'm alllllmost ready to post pictures of the finished nursery. Just a few final touches and a few things left to buy, like the autograph mat that we did for the visitors at the hospital when Ems was born.

We went to Babies'R'Us tonight to buy some final things too, like a changing pad cover, some binkies, and a couple other things. I am slowly starting to feel more and more prepared. :) Putting away the clothes today was pretty surreal...we are having another baby and he is a boy. I was telling Brett last night that thinking back on being pregnant with Emersyn seems like such a fog and is so hard to remember in a way even though it was only three years ago! I feel like I've changed a lot as a person since I was pregnant with her and in a good way and I wonder if that is why. I don't know if changed is even the right word, it's probably a combination of changing and growing up a bit. Still though, it just seems like SUCH a long time ago. I do remember that putting together a nursery was a LOT easier when you didn't have a toddler behind you, taking things out as quickly as you can put them away. :)

How can you be mad at a face like that though? :) By the way, that is the bear that we made for Everett the other day. Ems is just keeping him company until her brother gets here. She thought it was hilarious to sit in the crib. :)


Rachelle said...

So happy everything is coming together (I knew it would)! So excited to see the finished pinwheel mobile... You can always make the owls after he is born if you want to... but the pinwheels will be a good place holder (or "forever" holder) :)

Melissa said...

She is so cute!! Love her soccer pics! HAHA! LOVE! They made me smile. :) Awesome that it was only 16 bucks! And tumbling would be awesome too. Very cool!

SO excited to see pics of Everett's nursery!!! Sounds like things are moving along! I can't believe he's almost here!

You are welcome to email me your blog post haha... me & my friend do that when we need to vent something that shouldn't go on the blog. But just giving it to God is even better, so i understand if you want to just continue to pray about whatever happened! HUGS!