Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ramblings & the Beach!

This has been such a great week so far. It's surreal to me that this could be my last week with just one child, my last week pregnant EVER, my last week before having a son.....just so much to wrap my mind around. I am feeling ready though, or at least as ready as I'll ever be. It's funny this time around, I was just getting ready for Emersyn last time and didn't have to care for anyone else in the meantime. Going to work was a lot easier in a sense. My house stayed cleaner, that's for sure.

I had nothing planned for Monday and was going a bit stir crazy around the house which surprised me. I normally love a good day at home, simply because they don't happen as often as they probably should. Something about the summer makes me want to be outside enjoying it, not inside. Anyways, on Monday I decided to take Ems out for lunch at Panera so I could eat this amazing summer salad they have that I was craving. We ran a couple other errands too but for the most part didn't have any plans and I realized quickly that days at home are NOT what I need this week. Thankfully I've had other plans. Monday night I went and saw "The Help" with some friends and it was SO GOOD. I haven't read the book yet but I definitely want to after seeing the movie.

Yesterday I knew I wanted to do something fun and different. I had a playdate scheduled with my friend Caitlin and her daughter Emery and I asked if they would want to go to the beach since it was supposed to be so nice here. We live a little over an hour from the coast. She was totally willing to go to the beach and we decided to take our girls on an adventure.

It was such a fun day in the sun and the weather couldn't have been better. 98% of the time, the Oregon coast is cold, windy and raining. This was a rare day full of sunshine and warmth and it was SO much fun. The only part that was a little brutal was hauling our gear out onto the sand and close to the water. I swear it was 1/4 mile walk from the car to the area we sat which isn't a huge distance except when you are hauling gear and walking in the sand and it's hot. Plus, my daughter is PHOBIC of sand. Initially I put her on my shoulders and then was hauling a heavy bag and stroller that did NOT want to be pushed in the sand so I had to drag it. After about 10 steps I realized that I was going to black out if I kept that up so I put my daughter down and told her that today is the day that she overcomes her fear of sand. She did it, thanks to a little peer pressure. Emery can't get enough of the sand. Caitlin and I were laughing/whining the entire way there and back. I told her that if I went into labor on the beach, they were going to have to lifelight me to the hospital because I was NOT going to be walking back.

We took the girls on the merry-go-round, had fun in the sand and water, got them ice cream cones, brought home candy for the daddy's, and it was just the distracting day that I needed. I got home feeling pretty beat and let Brett give Ems a bath while I took a shower.

Today I have a few errands to run and then we're going to swim at Auntie Jenny & Uncle David's pool, whoo hoo!! The first thing Emersyn said when she woke up today was "can we go to Auntie Jenny's pool?". I told her I needed to check with Jen to find out what time works and Ems said, "Oh I already checked with Uncle David and he said to come over". Ha!

Tomorrow I have an u/s and dr. appointment. I'm praying for wisdom and discernment for myself and my dr. Like I said before, Everett is on the bigger side and unfortunately in the medical profession, I feel like this leads to an over reaction among dr's and they start throwing out words like c-section. I've pushed a baby out just fine before and am not worried about pushing Everett out, even if he is a little bigger. But I'm praying that I can be induced so that my dad can see the baby for the most time possible since his visit is shorter then my moms and I would love Everett's bday to be as far away from Emersyn's as possible. Those are both very superficial reasons for wanting an induction and I know that so I won't be devastated if it doesn't work out, that's just my hearts desire right now. We'll see though. I know most of the time women don't get to plan out when their babies are born and that's okay too. I'm trusting the Lord. It's hard when you have a prior experience to compare it to, and that prior experience happened to be perfect!!!!

Friday we are having the house cleaned (hallelujah!!!!!) and I'm going to get a mani/pedi while that's happening. My mom gets here on Saturday and I am 99% sure that we are going to get Emersyn's hair cut that afternoon. She is going to look like SUCH a big girl with shorter hair and I'm not sure that I'm ready for that but her hair is really thin on the bottom from being baby hair and I think cutting it will help it thicken up. Plus, shorter hair will be easier to manage while I'm still adjusting to having two kiddos. Saturday evening Ems is having a date with her MiMi while Brett and I go to a wedding that I'm helping with. Sunday we'll go to church and then I really want to go to the Olive Garden for that soup that I'm obsessed with. Then, on Monday I will be 39 weeks and we'll see if that is the big day......

Here are some pics from our fun day at the beach!

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Melissa said...

I love that 2nd to last pic with emersyn facing the beach! Beautiful! :)

I hope the big day is Monday, too! Will be praying for the doctor to have WISDOM! & for everything to be as perfect as last time. :)

I love how you told Emersyn it was time to get over her fear of sand! LOL. It just made me laugh for some reason. And Emersyn always cracks me up... "oh i already talked to him..." LOL!