Sunday, August 21, 2011

Labor = FAIL


So when I left you last I was in active labor, remember?

Well, I decided to try to get some sleep at the hospital on the horrifically uncomfortable bed. I was able to sleep for a little over an hour and guess what happened while I was sleeping? NOTHING. My contractions stopped completely. It was SO strange. I woke up and had a new nurse and she was......interesting. I didn't feel like we clicked well initially and it almost seemed like she didn't believe that I had been in labor which irritated me. She said that since my contractions had stopped that she would talk to the on-call dr. since my own dr. was not on call. I walked around for a bit but was SO tired from getting no sleep. The contractions never really started back up. The nurse checked me and I swear, she nearly dislodged my uterus from reaching up SO high. She couldn't feel my cervix because apparently Everett had decided to go back up in my ribs so she had to go find a nurse with longer fingers. This was strange to me because I never encountered this with Emersyn and each time a nurse checked me at this hospital, I felt like I was being assaulted, ha!

The nurse came in and said that she had spoken with the on call dr. and that she said for me to go home and see if things progress here. I was SO irate. My previous nurse had been 100% certain that he was going to be born today and she has been doing this for over 30 years so silly me, I believed her!! I was also irate that I had to deal with the pain of the IV in my arm. I am one of the lucky 20% of women that has group B strep (whatever the heck that is) so that means I have to have two doses of antibiotics before the baby comes so that he doesn't get it.

We headed home at about 9:30am and I felt about 50% annoyed but 50% relieved. The bright side is, I get another day to savor my girl. I get another day to wrap my mind mentally around giving birth. I also will get a new nurse and hopefully one of the bigger rooms. I guess on a certain side of the hospital you get smaller rooms and I was in one of the smaller ones which wasn't a big deal but more space is always nice.

Brett and I came home but stopped for a donut on the way since I was craving one from watching hours and hours of "Cupcake Wars" while in *labor*. Don't judge me, I earned that donut.

Came home and my mom and MIL were waiting to hear the whole story. Thankfully my mom hadn't gotten to the hospital yet but she had been on her way. My brother and sister-in-law weren't too far from us so they were able to hang out with us at the hospital for 45 minutes or so and witness some of the random antics of our labor nurse.

Another plus is that my brother is borrowing a really nice video camera to film the birth and the birth experience and he wasn't able to get it until tonight.

Brett and I came home and slept nearly 4 hours in our obscenely hot room. Our downstairs is nice and cool but the upstairs is awful. We're going out to the Olive Garden tonight in lieu of missing lunch today and I'm jazzed. My brother and sis-in-law will join us which will be fun.

In other news, I can't quite looking at Emersyn's new hair cut. She is such a big girl!!!!

So as of right now, I'm taking it easy. I don't want to trigger more contractions and then be confused if it's real labor or not and knowing myself I'd be stubborn and hold out and refuse to go the hospital aand then end up giving birth with no epidural on the kitchen floor. That would not be ideal.

Just wanted to update everyone. I'm still scheduled to be induced tomorrow evening at 6pm. Praying everything goes well and praying that somehow the hospital bed gets more comfortable between now and tomorrow. I'm not that hopeful though for that specific wish though. :)


Melissa said...

SO sorry you didn't get to have him today! But i'm glad you are in good spirits about it & that you'll get a new nurse! Love those pics of Emersyn's hair btw!

Will be praying for you!

LeAnna said...

You poor thing!!!! That Everett, he's already such a tease. :) Praying for you tomorrow! And remember, if you think you're in labor GO TO THE HOPSTIAL. Even if it IS false, you'd rather be checked, 'cause let's face it....birth in a kitchen might be a great story, but those 2nd babies come out a lot faster than the first ones. Typically. ;) 4.5 hrs start to finish with A. Just sayin'. Trust your instincts!!!!!