Monday, August 8, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} First of all, how do you like the new layout??! My amazingly creative and talented friend LeAnna always helps me out with blog design and I am SO thankful for her willingness to bless me in an area where I have NO idea what I'm doing. Thank you thank you THANK YOU friend!!!

{2} Do you know how strange and REAL it is to see my two children's names on the blog title?? Holy.Cow. I am hoping to be induced TWO weeks from today. I had an u/s last week and they think Everett is going to be a big boy. I was dilated to a one and not quite dropped yet. My dr. said walk walk walk and get this boy to drop. I've been walking my heart out, let me tell you!!! It's hard with your second child when you already have had an experience with labor and delivery, an in my case, I had a WONDERFUL experience delivering Emersyn. I feel like I have set myself up with those same expectations and I need to understand that it might not be the case with Everett. Yes, mind over matter is important but recreating the exact same situation as I had with Emersyn is unlikely. We'll just have to wait and see.

{3} Emersyn's birthday party was on Saturday and it went fantastic. A family friend who is an amazing photographer took pictures for us so once I get them, you know I'll post them as fast as I possibly can. :)

{4} Yesterday Brett and I had a date afternoon and it was magical. (No Rachelle, not that kind of magical, ha ha). It was really fun to have a date in the daytime. Brett's parents took Emersyn home from church with them and we were on our own. We came home, I cleaned up a bit (which would be considered a date FAIL but I was actually in the mood to clean and we were still trying to figure out what we wanted to do). I really really really wanted to see a movie and there were a couple comedies out that sounded hilarious based solely on their plot. But then after reading reviews and being totally grossed out and offended at what we saw, it seemed like a movie wasn't in the cards for us and I was kind of bummed. But then we saw a preview for "Crazy Stupid Love" with Steve Carrell and it was only PG-13 and looked cute. And guess what? It was SUPER cute and just what we needed. We ran a couple errands before the movie, then went to dinner afterwards at a quaint little restaurant in downtown Hillsboro called "The Venetian" and we were so happy with the food and the service. Plus, we had a Groupon to use there so dinner was half off essentially and we got dessert too. :) Yay for a great date!!!

The Venetian

{5} Today we went to the mall and Brett was playing with Emersyn and wasn't looking in front of him and took this giant leap to get away from Emersyn and nearly landed on top of this 17 year old girl who also wasn't paying attention and was texting on her phone. I saw the whole thing happen and nearly passed out from laughing, all the while maintaining my distance as not to be seen with him initially after the incident. Maybe you had to be there but it was hilarious.

{6} We ordered a stroller for Everett that I am JAZZED about. We are going to sell our Uppa. It turns out that fancy strollers aren't life changing and I had a few specific complaints about this stroller in general. I enjoyed it while it lasted but learned that strollers, much like purses, don't need to be expensive to be enjoyable. We got the stroller for more then half off and it had great reviews and best of all, it was inexpensive!! I wanted something lighter weight for taking out and something that Emersyn could push because let's be honest, that is something she is going to insist on doing from time to time. :)

{7} Remember how day one of soccer camp was amazing?? Well, day two....not so much, ha ha!

This is the face of a very overwhelmed child. Her and one of her besties had their first nervous breakdown together and her mom and I couldn't help but laugh. The girls really mastered the individual soccer skills. But once they had to play a game, Em and Em took off screaming in fear at the other kids running towards them. I think that soccer may have been too young at this age. In every other situation, I tell Emersyn to NOT take balls from other kids but now I tell her to go kick it away? I think it confuses her. :( Plus, a kid ran into her and she didn't understand that it was part of the game so she shoved him away and I worried it would turn into a toddler brawl. Oy. Two more sessions left....we'll see how they go. One of the things that I think wasn't great was the coach decided to do the game indoors because it was so hot (and by hot I mean 80 degrees, don't laugh southern friends of mine) and I think the fast pace of the ball on the smooth service was a little chaotic for Emersyn.

{8} Do you see this smile in the picture above? She's actually laughing.Can you guess what is making her laugh this hard? It involves a certain cartoon character burping. I had to do a lot of driving the other day so I let Ems watch a movie in the van and whenever Shrek burps, she nearly hyperventilates from laughing and asks me to rewind it. Oh dear. I guess she is going to do just fine with a baby brother. :)


Rachelle said...

We are editing the pics tonight and will post some up tonight. I will try to get all the pics put on a disk also to bring over tomorrow! Happy Birthday to Ems!

Melissa said...

Haha! I knew eventually i'd click on your blog & see two names up there! Haha! I LOVE IT! Looks GREAT! I like the post font too. YAY!

I can imagine that soccer would be overwhelming at that age to actually play a game!!

Love that ya'll had a wonderful daytime date! Love those!

Two weeks!??!?! SO CLOSE! :)

Melissa said...

ohhh & i'm glad you posted that about Crazy Stupid Love b/c i really wanted to see it!

LeAnna said...

So glad you like the new look! I can't believe your sweet little girl is THREE!!! Seems like just yesterday I stumbled across your blog and she was so small. Where does time go? I can tell you one thing, with more than one kid it goes by faster and faster. So excited for you. Will be praying for a wonderful delivery. Glad I did little E-man's shirt a size 0-3 months! ;)

Tiffany said...

Yay, Everett is in your blog!!! Love it!

MiMi said...

Yes, your new layout is very nice.
Just love the pictures you have up top there!
Your writing as usual are so funny! The Brett story is
Love you

Tyler said...

induction??! No fair! LOL my official date is Sat. and they wont even talk induction until next week. I am 3.5 dialated and 80 effaced and not a pain in sight! It is crazy. I have walked the mall (to hot here to get outside) until my feet look like balloons but no dice. Make sure you keep me posted on that sweet little boy. :) Sounds like Emersyn is going to be able to handle all the "boyism's" perfectly LOL. Talk to you soon girlie

Rachelle said...

So I just re-read this post and laughed so hard at your magical comment. How did I not notice that before! Hilarious!