Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been trying to upload pictures from Emersyn's birthday party but Blogger won't let me for some reason! I wonder if the files are too big? Anyways, the pictures are on FB so hopefully you can see them there. The party was great, just a low key bbq with friends and Emersyn had a great time. This was the first year that she was really into her party and I wasn't sure how she was going to react to the attention. She tends to be kinda shy and not a huge fan of being in the spot light. However, when it was time to sing "happy birthday", she sat and soaked up every word and when it came to us singing "happy birthday dear Emersyn" she totally giggled when she heard her name. Up until the minute her party started I was somewhat regretting having planned something so close to my due date but now I'm so glad we did it. It will be fun to celebrate her again on her actual birthday and hopefully her baby brother will have arrived by then!

Speaking of baby brother, Mr. Everett is still very happy and content in the womb. He hasn't dropped yet but I am 1.5cm dilated. If it weren't for the proximity of his due date and Emersyn's birthday I could care less when he came. But since I'm due the day after Emersyn's birthday, I'm really hoping that he comes early. My dr. has agreed to induce at 39 weeks IF my cervix is favorable and so far it is not. At this time when I was pregnant with Emersyn, I guess my cervix was favorable because I was able to schedule my induction 10 days ahead of time. That will not be the case this time. My next appointment is a week from today and hopefully by then he has dropped and we can schedule the induction. In the meantime, I'm drinking raspberry leaf tea, walking walking walking and trying to get this little man on the move. :)

Emersyn waiting patiently at the Dr.'s office!

In the meantime, we're having lots of fun in the sun waiting for brother to arrive. Yesterday we went to Rood Bridge Park in Hillsboro with some friends. We had lunch and walked around some of the trails along the creek that runs through the park. Ems loves hanging out with these kiddo's and it's cute to watch them interact being all different ages!

After the park I finished the last of my crafty projects for the nursery, a fabric covered memo board. I'm excited to put pictures and the "love notes" that were written to him at my baby shower up on this. We're going to hang it along with the "E" letters that we've made tonight hopefully. I keep saying that every night but then something comes up. I'm determined tonight. Unless something comes up of course. :) Ha!

The memo board isn't perfect but it's cute and it was made with love. I'm learning that practice makes perfect and I am not letting my tendency to INSIST that things be perfect discourage me from being crafty. I feel like I have gotten a LOT of use out of the 3.75 yards that I bought of this fabric. I think it's just so bright and fun and I really love it!

So remember how day one of soccer camp was great and day two wasn't? Well day three was GREAT! The weather wasn't too hot and Emersyn actually got out into the game and kicked the ball. The only thing was she would kick the ball and then be so pleased with herself that she'd run to me screaming with joy that she had kicked the ball. It was really cute.

Today was day 4 and it was similar to day 2, as in a FAIL, ha! It was kinda hot though and that affects things I think. It affects how into I am but I'm 9 months pregnant so that's a good excuse I think. :) Today Emersyn and Emery were hilarious though. They were extra lovey dovey and kept hugging each other during the games. There was one point where they were hugging and then Emersyn looked at Emery very concerned and said, "are you wearing sunscreen??". Then later during the soccer game, Emery asked Emersyn if she wanted to go swing and Emersyn told me they'd be right back and they took off for the playground. They were SO over it today, ha ha. We totally got our money's worth though and it was a great experience.

After soccer, Caitlin decided that we should take the girls to Baja Fresh to celebrate. It was a fun lunch date!


Melissa said...

Love this post. Love the memo board! And that Emersyn asked Emery if she was wearing sunscreen! HAHA! That's hilarious & adorable. I can't wait to hear when Baby Everett is coming!

Love ya!

LeAnna said...

Aww, such cute pictures!
Okay, unsolicited advice: Evening Primrose Oil!!!!
You can take it orally, or there are...alternatives...ahem...but I know SO many women who have used it with success to help ripen the cervix (if it's receptive). You can take 1000mg capsules up to SIX times a day, though you should start out smaller. Might check and see what your OB says. Also, red raspberry leaf is awesome, but you need to drink upwards to a quart a day for maximum benefit. I never drank a whole quart, but did drink several cups daily. It's great iced, too!