Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hanging Basket Fun!!

Last Sunday Brett and I decided to play hooky from church in the evening and head out to Al's Garden Center for their annual "plant your own hanging basket" weekend. Last year Emersyn and I planted a basket together, remember I blogged about it here?

Brett and I planted our first basket three years ago and have decided to make it an annual tradition. It is so much fun and also, much cheaper!! The pre-planted hanging baskets range from $30-$40 easily. The basket that we planted was only $15.99 and a portion of it went to charity. Sweet! You get to pick out the plants and arrangements that you want and customize it. In the picture above, you can see Emersyn and I reading over the instructions and formulating a game plan. :)

While I was picking out some plants Emersyn decided to do some exploring. Naturally she was drawn to the cleaning supplies. My daughter cracks me up.

"Mom, can we clean this place up a bit??"

Emersyn is my little neat freak, I love it. I fear that she won't cooperate as a flower girl in the upcoming weddings because the thought of scattering flower petals will surely give her nightmares, I am certain. I can imagine her scattering the petals and then dilligently picking each of them up and screaming bloody murder when we try to get her to keep walking down the aisle.
Come to think of it, will you pray for us on May 7th and July 2nd?? Ha ha.

Okay, time to put the dirt in the pot!

After planting the plants and adding fertilizer (Ems didn't help with this part, I was nervous to have her around the poisonous fertilier) here is the finished product! She looks pretty pleased, don't you think!

Such a fun evening!


Jules said...

What a neat idea!

My granddaughter is the same way, she has to pick up every bit of dirt she can see off the floor...

Melissa said...

She is so cute!

And i laughed outloud about her possibly freaking out at having to scatter petals! LOL!

Tyler said...

That last pic is a wonderful pic of you two!

Looks like alot of fun.. thanks for sharing the pics with us :)

LeAnna said...

What a fun idea! Loved the pics, little Miss looked like she was having fun. :)

Kristi said...

Patti, You are gorgeous! And Emersyn is adorable!

Matt and Melissa said...

I was just looking at hanging plants and thinking about you doing this. How funny! What a fun project.

Kim said...

So sweet of Miss Emeryn to help!!!:)

Looks like she enjoyed herself!