Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cute things at 19 months

Ems is always doing or saying cute things, I need to be better about writing them down so I don't forget!!! Here are some:

*Whenever we drive by a lake, Emersyn points and yells "DUCK DUCK"!!!!! Then for about 15 minutes after she sees the lake, she keeps saying duck because I guess it is a fun word to say.

*A friend of ours let us borrow their toy slide and Emersyn loved it!!!! We just took it back them last night and this morning Emersyn ran around our downstairs saying, "side side??" (slide). I told her we would go to the slide at the park when the weather is nicer but she seemed so bummed that her fun indoor slide was gone. Going to see if I can find one for cheap online.

*We dog sat a cute little dog a couple weeks ago, I will have to upload a video that Brett took of Emersyn laughing hysterically. Anyways, the dog's name is Henry and Emersyn LOVED him. He left a ball of his at our house and every day Emersyn brings me the ball and says, "aww-hee?" which is how she says Henry. So cute.

*Every time I lock the car with my keyless remote and the horn beeps, Emersyn goes "bye bye car".

*Emersyn can spot our cars now, it is cute. She will see my van out the window and go "Mama car". Last night we were following Brett in his car somewhere and Emersyn kept yelling "Dada car, Dada car" because he was in front of us.

*Every morning Emersyn goes and plays with her kitchen and gets really quiet and pretends to be watching TV but she is really pooping. I always ask her if she is pooping and she says "no" in this grunting sort of way and I let her finish her business but it cracks me up!!!

*Emersyn loves chores. She is very task oriented. I find that when she is whiny and clingy, often times she is just bored. I ask her to do things for me all the time, like pick up her toys or put a diaper on her baby. This morning she helped me make the bed and handed me all the pillows, helped me bring the clean laundry into my room and put the wet laundry into the dryer, picked up all the toys in the bathtub and put them away, and took her dirty clothes and put them in the laundry. Sure, things takes five times as long when she is helping me but it is an activity for us and I get something done, she feels proud of herself for helping mama, and we get to spend quality time together.

*Yesterday she was taking a bath and when she washed her baby's face, she whispered "gentle" just like I do when I was her face. My heart melted.

*Emersyn's word for water is "abba" and don't ask me how she does it but she rolls the "b" sound so it almost sounds like "agua". NO clue where she got this from.

*The other day Emersyn was running around saying "up high up high" and I realized that she was talking about high fives. Her Uncle Brock had been playing with her doing high fives the day before and she loved it!

*Emersyn loves saying "car seat" and "high chair". Anytime we drive by a Starbucks she says "high chair, high chair" or anytime we walk into a restauraunt. She loves to say car seat and play with hers too when I give hers to her Nana on their days together.

*Emersyn got a purse for Easter. The night before Easter, she put her purse on her arm, grabbed her keys and went and opened the front door and said go go go. I asked her where she was going and she said "be back" because I always tell her I'll be right back. And whenever she has her purse, she starts saying "keeeth, keeth" (keys). So funny.

*Ems loves to talk about pottys. She will go to my toilet and say "mama potty" and then "emmy potty" and she sits on her potty. She has yet to actually go potty on a potty but she is comfortable with them anyways. :)

*While on a walk with my friend a couple weeks ago, we stopped at a playground that had large bark chips. I let Emersyn play on the playstructure. There were bark chips on all of the stairs, probably from other kids. Emersyn proceeded to clean all the bark chips off each stair before climbing up them. My little neat freak!!

Okay, I am sure I am forgetting so many more cute moments but I will try to be better about writing them down!


Heather said...

oh my goodness...these are just too funny! i cannot wait for hadlea to start talking, i just hope I remember to write them down as well! :) i love the chores idea. i never really thought about them just being bored. completely makes sense! thanks for the tips!

KellyW said...

Don't you just LOVE all the cute things our kids say? I loved reading all of those. It reminds me so much of Ryan.

Tyler said...

aww how cute! She is so sweet! She is saying alot of wonderful words too.. alot of two word phrases.. way to go Emersyn!

Had to go back and read your Easter post as well. I had missed it some how. I loved her dress and piggy tails!! How cute! Glad you guys had a wonderful Easter :)

PS me and Emma will be busy doing chores tomorrow if you dont hear from us ;)

LeAnna said...

I can't believe your little girl is getting so BIG!

tea said...

So cute! I love those sweet, special moments! :)

New England Girl said...

Duck IS a fun word to say! So I can't blame her there. :) I love that she is so task-oriented and loves helping out with chores. What a total sweetie!

sister sheri said...

What a great way to chronicle the thoughts that so easily go un-remembered! Love your little girl!