Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Friend!!!

Oh my goodness, has it REALLY been a year since I wrote this post?!??! Wow, where does the time go!?! :)

Today is my BFF's birthday!!! 30th!!! She is so much older then I am, it's crazy.....ha! Go by her blog and show her some love, will ya? She is 8 weeks pregnant with her second child, experiencing morning sickness that seems to last all day, and chasing my future son-in-law all around as he is now an ACTIVE toddler.

Tiffany, I hope you have a wonderful day and SOMEDAY I am going to fly out to Idaho and surprise you on the birthday, I PROMISE!!! I love you friend!! :)

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New England Girl said...

What a lovely post. :) Happy Birthday to your friend Tiffany! I am definitely going to hop on over to her blog to say hello and send well wishes. :)

Also, thanks for the comment on my cake post! When you do decide to cheat with a sweet, you should maybe consider that cake. Like I said: I don't even like chocolate, but this was heavenly!!!