Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Blog Hop- Christmas Ornaments

Brett and I have always just had decorational ornaments on our tree. Now that we have a daughter, we have started to slowly add more meaningful ornaments, even if they don't match. I can be a little too perfectionistic with these kinds of things but it is my pleasure to have mismatched ornaments that revolve around my daughter and our family! :) I imagine someday we will have a decorative tree and then maybe a smaller tree for special ornaments that have more meaning.

Emersyn's Great Grandma Inglis sent me this ornament as a gift when Emersyn was born. I thought it was so thoughful for her to get this for us so far ahead of time. I was so excited to put a picture in it and hang it on the tree!

I got this ornament on sale last year. I haven't decided if I want to put a new picture of Emersyn with Santa in it every year or just keep this first one in there since it is so precious. We'll see.

My cousin had this ornament made for us at a fall festival in her city of Sacremento, CA. I love how our names are on it....another special ornament to commemorate our first Christmas as a family.

We also have an ornament from "Our First Christmas" in 2003 but I didn't get a picture of it because it still has no picture of us in it! Note to self, DO THAT SOON!!!

When I was a kid we got a new ornament every year and then my mom gave me all the ornaments. I really should dig those out. At the time she gave them to me I didn't think twice about them but now that I have a daughter of my own, those ornaments have more meaning.

Happy Blog Hoppin' everyone! :)

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Rachel Terry said...

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to holiday decorations and it drives my husband nuts. So I started doing my pretty decorative ornament tree and another one in our sunroom with all of our sentimental ornaments. It works really well for us!!

New England Girl said...

Beautiful ornaments. :)

Dumb Dawn said...

Wonderful Ornaments...and beautiful blog.


♥Kim said...

Those are cute Pattie! My MIL bought us a hand made ornament similure to the one you guys have w/ your name! Such sweet memories! :)

personalized Christmas ornament said...

This is such a cute posting. Cute ornaments.