Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Warning: It's about to get a little vulnerable in here. But that is what a blog is for, right? Suuuure....

I am debating starting another blog. This blog started out as an online scrapbook for Emersyn but has really involved into more then just that, which I think is fantastic. There are some lifestyle changes that I am wanting to document (weight loss....oh my, feeling the heat creep up into my face) and I wasn't sure if this blog is the right place for that.

About two years ago I was getting hardcore amped to lose weight. We had kind of decided that 2008 was the year we were going to maybe start trying to have a baby and I naturally thought that I would need to lose weight in order to conceive. Brett and I were all set to go! On January 1st all the junk food was tossed out, I had ordered a couple new workout DVD's, we watched the New Year's Biggest Loser special and I was like, "Yeah!! I can do this!!!!".

And then January 2nd brought this....

The shock of our lives!!! Apparently, I had no problems getting pregnant, which is a HUGE blessing. However, I had kind of counted on that for some good motivation AND now that I was pregnant, I couldn't go as gung ho with limited calories and the vigorous workouts that I had envisioned.

But now 2010 is approaching. As is my 29th birthday, which if you didn't realize is just ONE year before my 30th birthday. :) I have decided that 2010 is the year for change in the Jensen household. Like I said, I am approaching 30 and so is Brett, at an even more rapid pace in fact! Also, he is going to be in a wedding in July as a groomsman and Emersyn is a flower girl and let's be honest....there are going to be some SERIOUS photo ops happening that day for our little family. More importantly then wanting to look good in pictures though, I long to be a good example to my daughter of a Godly healthy woman and give my husband the good lookin' wife that he deserves. Brett needs to get healthier too, and as the domestic engineer of our home, it is my job to provide him with healthy meals!!

This isn't easy stuff to talk about mind you. It's very very much outside my comfort zone but I long to be an authentic transparent woman and this is all part of the package.


I am still debating whether I should just incorporate this topic into THIS blog or perhaps start another one. We'll see.

A good friend of mine cautioned me about going public with such an endeavor, saying that it would be embarrassing to give up or stop dieting and then have people ask about it. But that is EXACTLY why I am going to be blogging about my progress; providing myself with a tangible place to document and be encouraged by my progress and by all of YOU!

I will keep you posted....in the meantime, I gotta go pick up a book at the library, "The G Free Diet" by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Looking forward to reading it over my Christmas break.

Okay, that is enough of that....for now. Thanks for letting me get real ladies, it feels good.




LeAnna said...

I think blogging would be a great motivator, so I say go for it! I know you've been talking about going gluten free, which may very well help Em's eczema, too! Gluten and dairy seem to be real contributors to that. Anyway, you can do it girlfriend! I'll be here rah-rah'ing ya! :)

Melissa said...

I'm not sure if you've seen my blog (little mrs married), but i actually have two of them. The other one is called Try Try Again & i started it shortly after my Mrs. Married one. I am SO GLAD i did! Now, if you go to my page, you will be shocked at all i put on there - i have pics & i have a weight log. Let me tell you - i was just like you at first - i added those things little by little. I could go on & on about why i think this is an awesome idea for you. First of all, shortly after i did mine, i started finding other people's weight loss blogs & those have proved to be a huge source of encouragement for me! Some are going through it WITH me & some are already THROUGH it!! I have a list of helpful blogs in my sidebar & the ones called "Endurance isn't only physical" & "Prior Fat Girl" both have lost the weight & are continuing to blog & they inspire me tons! But your friend is right -it's harder to quit when you are blogging about it. And that's what mine is for... it's helped me to feel more accountable b/c people are reading it. I even tell them how many calories i had each day at the end of the week (This is a new thing, i didn't do it at first).

ANYWAY - sorry to go on & on but i definitely think you would not regret it! & it is easier to do them seperately - no way could i do it in one blog!

BTW - i only have lost 8 pounds (well more i think but haven't weighed this week yet). I started it in JUNE!! BUT. I wasn't as serious when it started as now. So 2010 is going to be THE YEAR for me as well! ;)

:) :) You'll do great!! :) :)

Jocelyn said...

Authenticity is a good thing and if we're honest, we all need support in some form or another.

You CAN tackle this life change...in large part because your attitude and outlook are amazing!

sister sheri said...

Patti - you are the real deal! I think you will also be a motivation to others, too. We need to love the Lord with our minds, souls, hearts and BODIES! Sounds like a 2nd blog might be a good idea.

You go, girl!

Jules said...

That's sounds like great motivation. I was thinking of getting her book too. It sounds really interesting. Good luck

Rachelle said...

Patti, I love that you just pour your heart out and are vulnerable. Just look at the support you have received in your comments so far... and the new year hasn't even started. To me that is great confirmation that blogging this will be such great support. I think that you will be surprised as to how supportive people are (in both triumphs and struggles) I say blog away woman!!!!

Aimee said...

I was going to say what LeAnna mentioned in regards to dairy and gluten being contributing factors in eczema, as well as some household toxins, think household cleaners, air fresheners, bathsoap...anything that has chemicals. Sorry that was a sidebar.

In regards to a new blog documenting health, weight-loss and fitness. I think it is a great idea. You can always choose to make it private to avoid some of those rude commenters. I can only imagine that your blog friends will be a huge support.

Like you I have trouble putting myself "out there" and I completely admire your honesty. We all have our areas which we need to improve. I look forward to following your new blog and offering encouragement where and when I can.

My favorite butt-kicking DVD is the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. 20 minutes/day, very few pieces of equipment and OH MAN will you feel it! Another fun book is: French Women Don't Get Fat. Now there is a lot of gluten in that book, but what I got out of it was portion control, and having a treat isn't bad, if you only have a bite or two. Also, we love the South Beach Book in our house for the first two weeks where you take out all carbs. We find it "resets" our systems and cuts our cravings for refined sugars. However, going gluten-free does the same thing, and keeps the good carbs in your system. If you have never eaten Quinoa, try it! Its a gluten-free easy grain that we use in place of rice for the most part.

♥Kim said...

You can do it Pattie! This is a FANTASTIC idea to do! I am going to try my best as well for 2010 to eat & live a healthier life. Bc my husband has reached his 30 year birthday, I'm stil young 23, and I make up excuses that I eat more bc my husband drags me down. I feel like since he eats I have to do the same, but that's just a poor exxcuse. He is def. at an age where he has gained lots of weight since I met him. If you do this blog, I'll support you all the way, & maybe I'll create me one as well! We need to modivate one another!!! We actually joined the gym back in August, and he's gone once!! Since we've joined, I go a few times, but really think that by next year I'm going to prove that I can lose weight!

I have faith in you, & we can pray & motivate each other!!!! :)

Tricia said...

Hi Patti,

I'm so excited your thinking about starting a healthy living blog. The accountability factor of blogging is huge and immensely helpful. We are all on this journey together, the sense of community is amazing. I am so proud of you (even though I dont "know" you), that you are taking the steps to lead a healthy life and be a great example to your beautiful daughter.

Please send me the link if you set up another blog, I look forward to following along!


Brianne said...

*hugs* - I second all your friends' comments! Go for it! I know I personally am so much better at accomplishing goals when people are watching- that's the stubbornness in me! (it has to be good for something, right?) Here's to 2010!
Let me know how the book is when you've read it, I'd be interested!

MannMom3 said...

I definitely think you should blog about it..

We'll be herre to encourage you along the way! :-)

Tyler said...

I love Elisabeth Hassleback.. I have wondered if her book is any good... let me know what you think?!

We will def. be here to support and encourage you any way you need me to. Good luck girl!

LosingThe40 (Nicole) said...


I found your blog through Melissa's and after reading this post just thought I would encourage you to check out all the other weight loss blogs out there. There are a TON (including my own...cough cough) hehe. I was very hesitant at first but now I LOVE the support and accountability I get from it! Come check me out sometime!