Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

Well, we are home, safe and sound. Our flight on Tuesday was B-R-U-T-A-L. It is one thing for US to get up early and get on a plane but getting our baby and out the door by 5am was borderline cruel. Lesson learned. Still, I feel so blessed to have such a good little travelling baby girl. She had one meltdown on our first flight from MN to Seattle because she was just so stinkin' tired and I almost joined in with her wailing but then she fell asleep and all was right with the world for about 45 minutes. 3 1/2 hours is a long time to be on a plane for me. Aimee, I have no idea how you fly back and forth between here and Europe with Jameson, sometimes even are amazing!!! :)

We got into Seattle for a 2 hour layover which was actually kind of nice. We got some breakfast and let Emersyn stretch her legs. She ran all over the food court with her "purse" (my wristlet wallet), pushing her stroller. She looked like a tiny little deranged mother, her crazy hair, bags under her eyes, giddy laughter echoing. We took a prop plane from Seattle to Portland and that was actually really enjoyable. It was only a 30 minute flight and we flew over some beautiful mountains. Emersyn passed out immediately on that flight at take off. Once we got home, I was emotionally spent. When I get tired, I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I start questioning everything and just need to go to sleep, for my sanity and more so for my husbands! :)

We got home and got Emersyn a bath, each took showers and then we all took a 2 1/2 hour nap which was invigorating. We woke up to TONS of snow! SO random for Portland to get a lot of snow so quickly and so unpredicted! My brother was working at the mall and was not going to be able to drive home so we chained up our van and went to rescue him. It was kinda fun. :) We got to bed at a decent time which sometimes isn't easy for us to do. Emersyn woke up at 6am (which is 8am MN time) but I get her some warm milk and she went back to bed right away until 8:30, hallelujah!! She did the same thing this morning, woke up at 7am and then went back to sleep until almost 9am!

Yesterday I was so beat and tired. I feel like I came home with a different child then I left with! Emersyn is just in EVERYTHING and was seriously trying to drive her mama crazy!! She is into climbing on our leather cubes in our living room and standing up on them which is SO not safe. She was very whiny and fussy and I think her and I actually felt pretty similar, just exhausted. I should have gotten out of the house, I think that would have helped but I just didn't have the energy. Brett and I went on a date last night and used our Olive Garden gift card (thanks Mom!) and then went to Target where I got some killer deals. I got these DARLING flannel pajamas for Emersyn to wear during the holidays next year for $3 and a cute snow man nightgown for $2. We also had some gifts to buy for Brett's neices to open when we do our Christmas celebration with them tomorrow.

Now I need to go make some Texas Caviar for our get together tonight. We are going to some friends' house for games and a celebration. Emersyn is coming and we are bringing her pack'n'play so she can go to bed. Tomorrow we are having a late brunch at our house and Brett's parents, two brothers, sister, sister-in-law and two neices are coming over. I am making quiche for the first time, wish me luck!

I have lots of picking up to do, it seems like whenever you get home from a trip, you end up having to unpack stuff as you go. I should just do it all at once but I am still trying to get more energy. I had a Starbucks date with a cute little lady this morning and that caffeine helped.

Thanks for letting me ramble blog friends. Sometimes it just feels good to get your thoughts out on paper. I am hoping to write a good New Year's post, summing up the year and setting out some 2010 goals. May everyone have a wonderful celebration this evening and stay safe!! God bless every one of you!! :)


LeAnna said...

I bet you were just flat wore out! It'll be nice to recoup after all the New Year excitement dies down. :) You guys have a great weekend, and a Happy New Year!

MannMom3 said...

Happy New Year Patti! Have fun tonight..

Aimee said...

That age is just difficult to travel for these little ones. There is no reasoning with them, they want to move and be active, they don't sit well. I definitely come off flights more exhausted than I ever have before! But you made it, and that is what counts!! Rest up and have a great New Years Eve!

Tyler said...

Happy New Year!! Glad you are all home safe and sound. Hope everyone recoups soon and get back to normalcy!

Sarah said...

Happy New Years, friend!! I am glad you made it home safely. I can completely understand being emotionally drained after saying goodbye to family. My sister left this morning. :(

Let's get together soon!!

sister sheri said...

Happy New Year! I know... I still feel terrible trying to catch up with sleep. I also have to just give myself a break... or I get too emotional.

New England Girl said...

Happy New Year! :) You have been busy, but I hope the new year brings relaxation and happiness. Have a great 2010!

Cindy said...

I'm new to your blog, and enjoyed it!

What's Texas Caviar?