Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Ramblings

Blurry phone pic of Brett and I at the 3D movie last night.

Today I don't have energy to write out a nice little post. But I do have things to say. Therefore, I am enabling the use of bullet points on my blog. I love bullet points.

  • Things don't look great for my sweet dog. Called vet this morning and it looks like she has kidney failure, mixed with an infection. If we can cure the infection, it might stop the failure but nothing is for sure. We need to take her to the vet for the next three days at $177/day to get her injected with fluids and antibiotics. We are going to do it, I can't justify putting her down if there is any hope that is affordable. The vet said in a perfect world she would go spend a couple weeks at Dove Lewis animal hospital and be hooked up to iv fluids and antibiotics but that could run in the range of $30,000. Yes, you read that right. Obviously, this is not something we are able to do. So we are going to try this treatment and see what happens. After losing Jack last month, it is becoming clear that it is dangerous to be a pet in my house for some reason. :(

  • I have found that having shorter nails enables me to keep nail polish on for longer. I painted my nails a fun pink color after giving myself a manicure and shortening my nails quite a bit. Well, NONE of the polish has chipped off and the nails still look cute and fun. I am pretty happy about this.

  • I am working with some really good friends in buying a house as their Realtor! I am so happy, this is an answer to prayer. I can't wait to help them find a sweet little home to someday start their own family in and the best part is, I can take my daughter to work with me! They love Emersyn and are very much an important part of her life.

  • We saw Monsters vs. Aliens last night in 3D at the Imax theater and it was SOOOOO fun and cool. I worried that the 3D might make me sick or give me a headache but it was really really fun. We saw a preview for the new Transformers movie and are going to see that at the Imax too. The Imax tickets are $15/per person. Spendy, right? But do you really think I would pay that, being the frugal person that I am? Nope! If you go to Costco and buy their Regal cinema passes (2 for $15), you can use them to see an Imax movie! SCORE!!

  • I put a roast in the crock pot this morning. I felt pretty grown up, never made a roast. I am going to try to blog about one new recipe a week, complete with photo's. Hopefully that will be posted tomorrow.

  • Emersyn still has an icky runny nose and cough. It breaks my heart to see her not feeling well, although she is in good spirits. I have a call into the advice nurse to see if they think I should bring her in but I kind of doubt they will want me to. I wish I could just make her better.

  • I am reading a book with a good friend of mine called "Jesus, the One and Only" by one of my FAVORITE authors, Beth Moore. Initially, I wasn't too into the book. Frankly, I was a little bored. It is about the life of Jesus and the first couple chapters were from a historical factual point of view. I really felt convicted to continue reading the book though. I am guilty of being pretty self absorbed at times, aren't we all? I like to read things that tell me how God can change my life, make it better, make ME better. This book was more of a historal account. I really felt like the Lord was challenging me to get to know Him for who He IS, not WHAT He can do for me. As I continue reading, I am falling more in love with my Savior and realizing what a personal and relational God I serve. It is really fun and I am happy to be reading this with one of my most like minded friends, Mindy. We are meeting on Wednesday mornings at Starbucks. Good conversation, an Iced Venti Stirred Nonfat Carmel Macciato (I recently graduated from decaf, praise GOD), a Chonga bagel, and a great book, what more could a girl ask for?? Um..maybe that my dog would be healed. :(

  • I really liked Allison last night on Idol. This was by far my favorite week of performances, I love this genre of music.

Hopefully that post wasn't too Debbie Downer for ya'all. :) You gotta take the good with the bad, right?

Happy thought of the day:

I went into Emersyn's room this morning when she was still sound asleep. I love how she is holding her binky to ensure that it stays put, even while she is sleeping. I just stared at her and snapped this phone picture. I figured by the time I got the real camera, she would have woken up from all the commotion. So anyways, as much as I hate to, I woke her up so that she could nurse and then we could leave. I bent over her crib and whispered her name to gently wake her up. Staying perfectly still, not opening her eyes,she got the BIGGEST smile on her face. My heart melted into a pile of goo. I let her smile like that for as long as it would last and then whispered her name again and she woke up. She knows her mama's voice. Precious.

Best moment of the week so far for sure. I am in love.


Rachelle said...

Poor Molly Brown! Hopefully all will go well. How is Brett taking it? He loves her so much. On a side note... we need to hang out soon.

Tiffany said...

Riley used to do that. He would keep his eyes closed, but give a little deep laugh and smile. So sweet. Then all the sudden he would just jump up and be awake. It's been quite a while since I've had to wake him up though.

Sorry to hear about Miss Molly, no fun.

My code word is "shizeti", sounds cool!

♥..Kim said...

AW! So sweet! That makes any mommies day! :)