Thursday, December 9, 2010


Our Tree - 2010

When Brett and I first got married, we had real trees for the first two years along with the nasty real spiders that accompany them. (Ew) When we moved into our house though, we decided to purchase a fake tree and looked for a fairly narrow one considering our downstairs is small quaint.

We had hodge podge dollar store ornaments for awhile along with the leftover silver bulbs from our wedding reception but finally, about 3 or 4 years ago, we decided to bite the bullet and get *real* ornaments. Our tree colors are different shades of green, red and gold. It's stunning if I may say so myself. We bought ornaments from Target, Lowe's and Home Goods. I have slowly added to my collection through the years, including this set that I found a couple weeks ago:

I love these green disco balls!! They totally add a great sparkle to my tree!!

Other ornaments:

Love these snowflakes...they come in a ten pack for $1 at Target. They add a lot of charm for not a lot of money.

I got these red mini-disco balls the year after we decided on our theme and I love them too! Anything sparkly looks great on a tree in my opinion. I need to remember to keep these red ones out...they will be perfect for Emersyn's second annual Valentine's Playdate (on Valentine's Day this the date mama's!!!!)

I made the mistake of showing Emersyn how these bells ring so now she thinks they are hers. Almost every day she takes the six bells off the tree and hoards them around in her shopping cart.

Our other ornaments weren't anything special, therefore didn't receive photographs. They are just a mixture of reds and greens and mostly round bulbs, some flat matte, some shiny, some glittery, etc.

Along with the beautiful decorative bulbs, our tree has started to collect the sweet sentimental ornaments.

My grandma sent this to me when Emersyn was born...such a thoughtful gift!

This is Emersyn's official 2010 ornament. We saw it and of course had to get it. Now when Emersyn sees them at Starbucks she screams "MINE". Lovely. :)

This was Emersyn's official 2009 ornament....she was rockin' the Shrek teeth big time last Christmas so this was an appropriate ornament for sure.

How adorable is this/she?? I love these red PBK ornaments and kind of want to get another one. We'll see...I think a tree full of these frames would be beautiful someday.

My mother-in-law picked this ornament up at Target and gave it to me. I just love it; goes perfect with my tree and features the first letter of my favorite girls name. :)

My mom gave me all my yearly ornaments when I got married and hopefully someday we'll have another tree that I can put those ornaments on. I would love a tree for our modest entry way...we'll see. :)

I'd love to see all of your trees too, post pics!!!

Speaking of beautiful trees, this is Ems and her bestie Ems playing peek-a-boo in front of my friend Caitlin's beautiful spider infested REAL tree! Thanks for hanging out with Emersyn today...I LOVE her french braid!!!! :)


Melissa said...

i absolutely LOVE your tree! We have a mini stands on a bookshelf. It's cute but next year i want a big one! I mean, like the size of yours (big compared to ours haha). And fake. Totally fine w/ fake! We were just discussing where we will store our fake tree since our ONLY storage space will be a baby's room... ha!

Emily said...

Pretty tree! : )