Friday, December 17, 2010

SAHM- Day One :)

So this is what it feels like to be a SAHM, huh? :)

Not really though....I am normally off on Fridays so today isn't terribly unusual for me. I did have somewhat of an epiphany though and thought I would share it, as I know you are all on the edge of your seat, waiting to hear all the new found wisdom that I am sure to obtain through staying home.

Right? :)

Poor Ems has been running a low grade fever since last night. Back when she was teething it was almost a relief to just blame everything on that. But now that she's got a full mouth of teeth (and has for a looooong time), that is no longer an excuse which leads to a stressed out mommy at times. I tend to read too many tragic blogs and think that every little sickness is a possibly something much more then it is. Fear is something I have to pray through daily, even hourly sometimes.

She hasn't had much of an appetite so after not eating a whole lot for lunch, I gave her a bath and put her down for a nap. She fought it and I went back to her room and rocked her several times and finally had to let her just fuss for about ten minutes and then she passed out. She woke up after sleeping only 30 min or so which is very unusual for her, she naps for at LEAST 90 minutes usually. I went upstairs and she seemed disoriented but one of her binkys had fallen out of her crib (yes one...she needs at least two to sleep, lately it's been four, ha ha, I know she's crazy, we'redealingwithitaftertheholidays) so I gave it back to her and told her to lay back down and covered her up with a blanket. She started to fuss again so I headed back downstairs and prayed that she would feel better and I totally felt the need to just stop and sit on the top stair.

I sat on the top stair and just prayed for my daughter. The multi-tasker in me was dying just sitting there, thinking of all the dishes I could be washing, laundry I could be folding, Facebook stalking internet browsing I could be enjoying, etc....

But I felt like the Lord was saying, "THIS is your new job. Just sit and pray and intercede for your daughter. It's not about how clean your house is. It's not about how domestic you are or are not. It's about you investing in your child and one of the ways you can do that is by praying for her when she doesn't feel well and just BEING her mom and being still."

In a way I feel almost relieved. I really do believe that being Emersyn's mom is my new *job*. And there will be days when being Brett's wife is my *job* and supporting the two of them must be at the top of my to-do list each day.

Emersyn is sleeping soundly, bless her heart. It's such an honor to be her mother and have the opportunity to raise her. Yay. :)

Happy Friday!


Nicole said...

Hope she feels better soon. That's got to be hard to see her sick!

Melissa said...

Love it! :) And i get the binky thing. As a nanny, one of the kids i uesd to watch had like 5 binky's...he had to have them ALL. He would carry one or two in his mouth (being silly), one in each pocket & one in each hand! It was hilarious! He's like 9 now (i'm so old) & turned out just fine. :)

sister sheri said...

Praying your precious one is feeling better. Such wise words for such a new SAHM!

Have a Merry Christmas!