Monday, December 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} This is my LAST Miscellany Monday post as a workin' woman. SO surreal, do you even understand!?!?!?

{2} This weekend we got a lot accomplished around our house, though there is still lots to be done in a way. One of the things we did was reorganize our bathroom. My husband is a master reorganizer. Like for reals. I took one look at the jam packed cabinets in our bathroom

and nearly blacked out. Brett took one look and built a shelf, consolidated the stuff into one cupboard and did it all in under an hour I might add. I really really really like him. And not just because he knows how to rearrange and organize. :)

{3} I overcame a personal obstacle this weekend. I untangled a fierce pile of necklaces. You know how when you don't have your jewelry properly organized and all the necklaces get tangled up and you just want to throw them all away because there is just NO way you can get them all untangled?? Yeah...that WAS me. Normally this is an annual tradition for Brett to do since patience is much more his thing than mine. But I decided to tackle it and 8 necklaces later, they are all nice and organized in my jewelry box and there were no casualties in my quest to untangle. I wasn't even tempted to get out the scissors. :)

{4} We're having an awfully cute couple over for dinner tonight! Sarah and Wiley are fellow "The Sing Off" enthusiasts and we're going to eat homemade sloppy joes and watch this delightful show. Fun times!!

{5} Yesterday I took a two hour nap, although I didn't sleep for the entire time at all. I cozied up on the couch, Brett played his PS3, and Emersyn took a nap too. It was glorious but I gotta say, taking a nap really cramps my style. I always wake up with that stinky-sock taste in my mouth (or rather what I imagine a stinky sock tastes like) and even when you brush your teeth it doesn't go away. I also had a dull headache AND it threw off the whole evening! But I did enjoy the cozy warmth and the sweet glow of nothing but the Christmas tree lights on in the downstairs.

{6} I didn't blog yesterday, my first day *off* since October.

{7} My parents get here on Saturday, whoo hoo whoo hoo!!!!


Jules said...

I love organization! It makes me happy.

Melissa said...

i need you two to come down here & help me organize! Well, i need Brett too but you're invited...we can hang out while he organizes! HA!

I was just informed that i would love the sing-off! Unfortunately i've missed it so far, but i can catch it online i'm told!

STAY AT HOME MOM!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!

LeAnna said...

I am so that girl with a knot of tangled necklaces. We should form a support group. Or, I could just untangle them. Ha!
SO EXCITED FOR YOU! You'll love being at home with Ems. And who knows, maybe there will be a Baby #2 soon??? ;)