Saturday, December 4, 2010


I can't get over how much I enjoy the weekends now that Brett is off. Don't get me wrong, I miss my Caitlin&Emery farmer's market fun but it's a dream come true to get to run errands with Brett on a Saturday morning with our daughter and come home and watch football. Yes, even the watching football part is part of my dream come true. :)

This morning we got to sleep in until about 8:45 (thank you Emersyn) and then headed to Starbucks.

We get Emersyn a bagel there now. We used to get her a mini donut but realized that she only eats the frosting off of it and doesn't really get a full tummy. Now she enjoys a Hawaiian bagel and a full tummy. I was in line to order while she was sitting with Brett and she yelled out, "I wanna tall water mommy!". I like her choice of beverage. Free. :)

Cream cheese crazy face. She's into crazy faces lately. I'm loving her little personality that is emerging more and more every day. :)

After Starbucks we headed to our new Walmart to look at outdoor Christmas lights. Walmarts are hard to come by around here, which I know is probably shocking to my east coast/southern friends. :) The Portland metro area is not a fan of them for some reason so we have lots and lots of Targets but hardly any Walmarts. The closest Walmart to me before this new one was about 45 minutes away!

Anyways, we went to Walmart and didn't get anything in the ways of outdoor lights but I picked up some other items that I needed. Emersyn found this oddly large baby doll and walked around with it while we were shopping. At first she said, "this baby's really cute" and was kissing her on the lips but after walking around for awhile, I think she realized how oddly large it was and started saying, "this baby's really weird!".

I had to agree with her. The baby was really weird.

Tonight I'm going to an auction with a friend for her daughter's preschool and it should be a fun time! I feel like wife of the year because I made Brett dinner in advance, something that I am never good at doing. I made my favorite "mama leone's" soup and am looking forward to enjoying leftovers tomorrow after church too. Score.

Brett and I are going on a date tomorrow night, I'm pretty stoked!! Nothing planned for sure yet but all I know is, I need some one on one time with my man!!!!

The "civil war" game is on today and Brett's watching it and putting up outdoor lights in between. He had the opportunity to go to a sports bar with some guys and watch the game for the afternoon but he chose to stay home with us and I'm so happy he did. :)

Happy Saturday everyone!! And for the record, go Ducks! :)


Melissa said...

HA! I love the baby doll story! HAHAHA. And emersyn is sooo cute. Love how she asked for a "tall" water! The girl knows her starbucks lingo! :)

sister sheri said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Kristi said...

I totally saw that baby at Walmart and my friend and I both commented on how big it's head was! Ha.

I'm so happy you get to enjoy Saturdays now.