Monday, December 27, 2010

Emersyn's Third Christmas

Say cheeeeeese!!

We had SUCH a wonderful Christmas this year!! The only thing missing of course was my sweet Gigi but I know she got to go to a much better party then we did. :)

Christmas Eve we went to my church for a candlelight service. It was so fun to see all the candles lit and start off our celebration by focusing on the real reason for the season.

After service we went over to some family friends' (the Meichtry's) for dinner. I didn't bring my camera, lame. We had a great dinner and Ems totally rocked her Christmas dress from last year with a long sleeved tshirt and leggings.

I'm hoping she can wear this years Christmas dress again too....they are just too stinkin' cute to be work just once, ya know?

Anyways, at the Christmas Eve dinner/party Santa made an appearance. Now I understand why most of my friends with toddler's didn't even attempt to get a picture with Santa....Emersyn refused to take a picture with him and screamed in terror. Such a turkey. It was really cute though, our friends had their youngest son (whose wedding Emersyn is going to be in next summer) dress up just for the three kids who were there, two of them being babies. I thought Ems would really dig it, considering she was TOTALLY into the Santa checker at Winco but maybe seeing Santa ringing up groceries just made him seem less intimidating. ;)

We had a great white elephant gift exchange where I scored a Pink Martini Christmas CD and Brett got a dollar store air horn and box of Gobstoppers. As you can see, Brett wasn't as fortunate as I. :)

I am so grateful for the Meichtry's and how they welcome us into their family each year. We are so blessed to have them in our lives!!!

Christmas morning started out with Brett, Ems and I all opening our stockings just from each other.

Aren't these jammies just TOO cute?!?! I got them on clearance at Target last year for $3. I broke my tradition of red and white striped jammies that I had for the past two years but it was worth it. Felt silly to buy other jammies when these were so darn cute!!

After we opened our stockings, (which by the way I totally scored...I had gotten Brett like two small things because I didn't think we were doing gifts at all and he like packed my stocking with GREAT things) we headed over to Brett's parents house!

Emersyn just LOVES this high chair from Uncle Brock and Auntie Bree.


New baby doll!!

First sushi set! I guess we're going to have to take her to sushi so she knows what the heck this is! :)

Emersyn is very serious about her motherly duties. :)

We opened gifts and then had a late brunch complete with homemade cinnamon rolls from Brett's mom. They were so yummy.

We headed home around 1:30 and Ems took a fantastic nap. My brother and his wife arrived and it was time to open presents round two!

As you can see, Emersyn was REALLY excited about her "tangle free" shampoo. My mom asked me for ideas for her stocking and I said shampoo, baby wash, toothbrush...I love the practical stocking stuffers. :) She also got a raincoat from my mom in her stocking, SO stinkin' cute!!

Emersyn's first Dyson. She LOVES this thing, it's hilarious. I asked her to smile and say cheese for this picture and this is the face I got. P.S. Those are her second Christmas pj's....$5 from Gymboree last year. I'm obsessed with Christmas clearance. :)

This year's Christmas dinner was the best ever. For one, all the food was homemade except for the green bean casserole which is pretty much out of a can. And for two, all the food was served HOT and fresh at the same time, a major accomplishment thankyouverymuch! I was so proud. We had communion before dinner and dedicated our dinner to Gigi's memory. I got a little choked up, okay a LOT choked up saying the Christmas blessing because I am so grateful for my family and my home. Then we enjoyed an incredible HoneyBaked Ham, turkey breast, cranberries, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and rolls. Delish.

Ems lickin' the mashed potato bowl.

My mom and dad.

Our dessert was flown in from New York on the Wednesday before Christmas. My parents LOVE this cheesecake and splurge on it every year. I am not a huge cheesecake fan but this stuff is pretty good. Super rich but good.

We sang "happy birthday" to Jesus before dessert. Ems loved it.

One of my favorite Christmas memories from this year was all of us sitting around the table, singing "away in a manger" with Emersyn. At first just her and I were singing it, complete with all the hand motions. Then Brett suggested we all jump in and it was just so precious. We sang it at least ten times. In the middle of singing at one point, Emersyn exclaimed "this is my FAVORITE song!!!!" excitedly. It was just so so special and I will remember that moment forever. Christmas through the eyes of a child makes everything to magical and special.

We got some great gifts this Christmas but the memories we made were far more valuable then anything that was wrapped or purchased. I can't wait for Christmas next year. Thank you Lord for my sweet sweet family. :)


Tyler said...

What a fantastic Christmas! Sounds totally wonderful! Love the pics..esp the one of her kissing the baby's head. She is such a doll.

I know you missed your Gigi terribly but like you said she was at a much bigger party ;) Can you imagine the celebration that was going on up there?!!?

Talk to you soon girl!

Melissa said...

Awww! Sounds like a WONDERFUL christmas!!! I laughed when i saw the sushi set & baby doll pics on Facebook. The sushi, b/c i've nver heard of a sushi kids set. And the baby doll, b/c her face is PRICELESS!!! I loved baby dolls! :)

Julia said...

I love it!! The pictures are so great--and yes the TWO sets of Christmas PJs are wonderful! That is a great Christmas--more time (and pics!) in PJs than in fancy clothes! It all just sounds perfect and I can't wait till I get to give my own little girl baby dolls on Christmas. BTW I'm totally up for hitting some after Christmas sales if you are--Now that I have a little girl of my own to buy for! :)