Monday, December 6, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} This is my second to last Miscellany Monday post as a workin' woman!!!!

{2} Book club starts back up tonight and I'm jazzed. We will be choosing from five different books. My only problem is, I want to read them ALL!!!! I just might. We'll see.

{3} Speaking of books, I have a random guilty pleasure in life right now......Tori Spelling books. I saw one on the shelf of the "hot new release" section at the library and read it in like three hours (over the course of several days of course). I think people are fascinating and her books are super light and easy to read. I have read two of them so far and have one more to read along with her mother's book. Don't judge me.

{4} I cannot WAIT to see my parents in less then 2 weeks!! Lots to do before hand...such as deep clean my room where they will be staying! :) Nothing like having your parents stay in your room to motivate you to start scrubbin'. :)

{5} Emersyn is at a horrifically challenging interesting stage in life right now. She HATES sharing and if I make her, she will lash out, hit or throw a total fit. Precious. I know at lot of it is her age, a lot of it is her strong willed personality that she gets from her dad (ha), and a lot of it is ME freaking out too much about it. Lord help me. :) Actually, I literally ask the Lord for help in this matter.

{6} I saw a Beth Moore at the bookstore yesterday called "Feathers from my Nest" and it's a book about being a mother to her daughters. Um, I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to wait to reserve it at the library though...hard to justify buying as many books as I do sometimes, especially as we head into the land of one income. :)

{7} This morning I asked Emersyn what she wanted Santa to bring her and she said "mimi and gandpa". Love it.

Happy Monday!!!


Jules said...

My granddaughter is having the same issues.....2 1/2 is a tough age.

Dara Wills said...

I love the Tori Spelling books, too! I haven't read the latest one though. And hang in there with Emersyn, it's the age and it gets better.

Tricia said... her christmas request

Melissa said...

Of course you are asking God for help in that matter w/ your daughter! Who else would you ask!? :) I'm sorry... i know that is a rough age!!!

I am so psyched for you that your almost a full-time SAHM!

What kind of books does Tori write? Just about her life?


OurLittleBlessingS said...

awwww..... i'm sorry you're having a tough time with her age!! you'll get through it!
i'm the same way with books!! i finally do an e-reader, so that helps..but there are some books that i want in hard cover!! glad your fam is coming to visit!!

i'd be so overwhelmed with a book club. i need to get reading again!