Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

I am totally addicted to daily blogging!! I was putting a load of laundry in tonight and realized I hadn't posted yet today....just didn't feel right. So here you go..... :)

1. I wish my Gigi was coming into town next week with my parents to celebrate the holidays with us. I know this is a melancholy sort of wish but it's the first thing that came to mind. I would have said I wish that Brett would get promoted but that wish came true already. :)

2. Yesterday I attempted to take pictures of two sweet toddlers by the downtown Hillsboro Christmas tree but the weather did NOT cooperate.

3. Today I will watch the Apprentice with my husband and enjoy some peppermint ice cream that my neighbor delivered from the store. Love it when I get a text, "need anything from the store?" It's like a free delivery service. :)

4. Tomorrow I will head to Michaels or Craft Warehouse for some supplies for a project I want to create. I will also finish all the laundry, enjoy my husband and daughter, and be thankful for a chill weekend.

5. Maybe my husband will get to enjoy more homemade dinners and lunches since his wife is only 4 work days away from becoming a stay at home mama. Okay, this isn't a maybe...this is a for sure thing. :)

6. Someday I can't wait to have my kids in matching Christmas pajamas. Maybe Brett and I will match too. :)

7. I love watching my daughter experience new things, like today when she fully discovered the magic that is Chuck E. Cheese. When we pulled into the parking lot she yelled, "hi piggie!!!" when she saw the Chuck E. Cheese sign. We're still working on animal recognition. :)


Melissa said...

HAHA! That's hilarious (about chuck e cheese)!

LOVE all your answers!!! :)

Julia said...

Love it! And just a quick note in case you haven't already hit up the craft store- JoAnns is having a big sale on all or at least most of their Christmas decor/craft items/ornaments. I found some super cute things for under a buck! Good luck! (And no worries about melancholy wishes--but do think that Gigi is having her first Christmas WITH cool is that thought!?)

sister sheri said...

Your KIDS in matching pjs? Is there something I didn't know about?

Sorry about missing your Gigi. Praying for fond memories for your family this season.