Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend in Boise!

This past weekend we loaded up our kiddo's, sold various items so we could pay for gas (I kid, I kid....but seriously, our gas prices are ridiculous...a *good* deal is $4.15/gal), and headed east to the land of Boise, Idaho. It's about a 7 hour drive but then with various stop, it turns into pretty much an all day affair.

The drive out there was a piece of cake really. I was pretty stocked with toys, snacks, activities, etc. I borrowed a DVD player from a friend and true to fashion, my daughter watched about 15 minutes of it the entire drive there and back. Her favorite activity in the car with this $1 bead necklace kit that I bought at Jo-Ann's. It kept her busy forever, making and remaking the necklace. We listened to lots of music, sang songs, played I was a lot of fun. Ems didn't sleep a wink on the drive out until we got off the freeway to my BFF's house so she got about a 3 minute nap. Everett did great though and didn't make a peep the entire drive out there, with the exception of some squeals and giggles whenever his sister made him laugh.

Our time in Boise was so fun. It was great to hang out with Tiffany and her family. We were in town for her oldest's 4th birthday too which was super fun at Chuck E. Cheese. Her youngest is 18 months (Aiden) and then she's about 5 months pregnant with a baby girl (Elise). While we were there we found fabric for Elise's nursery that I am going to help make. Time to get out the sewing machine and figure out what the heck I am doing! :)

Our kiddos played outside, inside, we went to their church, went to lunch at one of our FAVORITE places that used to be in Hillsboro but now is no where to be found in Oregon (Costa Vida), and Tiffany and I even got to get away for a pedicure. I drank my first iced soy coffee (don't judge...I know there is a debate about soy but I don't want to hear about it!). It was great. Yesterday we headed out of Boise later in the morning but went and did a little exploring downtown first. What a beautiful town!! We LOVED it and had fun playing at a park and enjoying the beautiful day! We had lunch one last time at Costa Vida and then headed home. There were some definite disadvantages to traveling later in the day, mainly with Everett. He wasn't as quiet as he was on the drive out. ;) It wasn't horrible though, but I could tell he was just DONE being in the car after awhile.

I'm so thankful to have gotten to spend time with my BFF. For some reason, whenever I say goodbye to her now I get super emotional. It's strange....I don't usually even cry when my parents leave town anymore. But Brett pointed out that it is because I usually know when I'll get to see them again and I almost never know when I'll get to see Tiffany again. It's so fun being in the trenches of motherhood with her but I wish she were closer by so that we could escape for more pedicures and coffee dates together. I'm not great at staying in touch long distance at times but I do want to be better at it.

I took her a bunch of clothes that were Emersyn's and can't wait to see Elise in them. I'm so happy that she's having a little girl and I'm honored to get to help with her nursery.

Thanks so much for having us Auntie Lou and Uncle Travis!!!! XOXO


MiMi said...

Hi Patti,
So happy you all had a good time!!! Sounds like you had some rest and girlie time too! Its fun to see the kids grow up together !
Love you!

Melissa said...

I love the fabric y'all picked for Elise's nursery!!

I don't wanna hear about the soy debate, either. It's always something, right?! Gah!

LOVE that the kids did so well! That's a long car trip! Even I get whiny after that many hours! HA!

We're getting a COSTCO by the way. I am excited. And i thought of you!

Anonymous said...

I opened up your blog this morning and Aiden is sitting with me. The first thing he says is "EMMY!" fun!!! Love you!