Monday, May 14, 2012

Miscellany Monday

{1} I had the BEST Mother's Day!!! I started off the day by getting myself ready alone (a gift in and of itself) and heading to church early to sing on the worship team. Brett got both the kids ready and came later. Ems sang with her preschool choir (SO cute). Brett grilled me the BEST flat iron steak I have ever eaten, along with grilled asparagus and zucchini. My brother came over to hang out and gave me a sweet card. I got sweet cards from my kids and Brett and I saw a picture of a necklace that they bought me (that is set to arrive today). We ended the night by taking the kids to see "The Lorax" at a cheap theater in Portland. Both the kids did so great and we had a blast. A perfect family day.

{2} I just registered for my first 5K! It's "The Color Run" in Portland and I'm jazzed. My friend Vanessa is heading up a team and the race is on her birthday, how fun right? You start out the walk/run in a completely white shirt and then throughout the race you are sprayed with colors and at the end you have this ridiculously colored shirt (and body). I am so happy that Vanessa set up a team and this will give me a good reason to *train* throughout the summer. I would like to be able to run some of it!

{3} Emersyn is hard core into imaginative play. Her newest favorite thing is to play church. She pretends that she works at the nursery and asks me to drop Everett off. She then asks me lots of questions about him and tells me that she'll take good care of him. Then she brings her babies to me and asked me to take care of them too. She also likes to hide in the closet under our stairs and pretends it's the choir room. She walks from the closet to the fireplace hearth (like the choir walks in on Sunday mornings) and sings like she's in choir. It's so funny and cute.

{4} Everett has a really bad diaper rash. Emersyn never had a single diaper rash. She would occasionally get red but never anything bad and never anything that looked painful. I wish I could say the same for Everett. I don't think the heat we are having is helping either. He woke up this morning and his little back was all broken out in a heat rash. Breaks my heart!!

{5} I haven't eaten bread, pasta, crackers, or any kind of white flour/sugar for 3.5 weeks.

{6} Brett is going to register for classes this week!! I am so proud of him. Still praying for direction in regards to his degree but I know that God will provide the right wisdom in His time.


Vanessa said...

Hooray for a great Mother's Day! Mine was .... mostly good(ish). After Church Audrey threw the biggest fit EVER. Like EVER. Like the kind that made me question why I ever became a mother in the first place because CLEARLY I'm not equipped for it.

And I'm SOOOOOOO happy you're doing the color run with me! It's going to be so much fun! And if you have any friends that want to do it too, just have them sign up! Or I can send them a link! Yay!

Melissa said...

I love this post! Glad you had a great mother's day! The thing about Emersyn playing church cracked me up! When i was a nanny, this little boy had a toy vaccuum. He would stand on the base of it & the handle was just the right height to be a microphone for him. He would stand on it & "lead worship" using the mic. It was HILARIOUS! Haha!

#5 - That is exactly my kind of diet! The best diet for Insulin Resistance (probably for anyone but definitely if you're IR or diabetic!). I haven't been doing all that well but today is a new day! :)

That 5k sounds awesome!! I need to do one again. I walked the last ones i did but now i could at least walk/run one!

love ya!