Monday, May 7, 2012

Miscellany Monday

{1} Last week Brett found an almost brand new Oreck vacuum at work that someone had left out with a sign that said "free" on it. When he brought it home, Emersyn was ecstatic. You would have thought that he came home with a pony for her but no, it was a new vacuum. My girl totally gets me. I have to admit, I've been cleaning extra this weekend just so I can use this new, light weight, amazingly sucky beauty. Ladies, your husbands may bring you flowers but mine brought me a vacuum. Awesome.

{2} Last night Everett woke up at 1am (we were still up....horrible!!) and didn't go back to sleep until after 3am. He was so so fussy and I think it was gas. I ended up having to bring him downstairs to give him a bottle and calm him down with an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. He has never woken up like that, poor little bug. Anyways, he's still sleeping this morning and Ems asked when he was going to get up. I told her that Ev was naughty last night and kept us up with crying and I kid you not, she rolled her eyes and said, "Oh mom...babies cry sometimes, it happens and you can't be frustrated". What!?!? Easy for her to say! The things that child says make me LAUGH.

{3} I'm making spaghetti squash tonight and I'm a little giddy about it.

{4} I planted some new plants yesterday that I had bought a few weeks ago. {It's a good thing that I had already bought them because now they would be a luxury that I couldn't justify paying for now}. I love spring plants. I planted some peony bulbs too that I'm praying work out. As I was planting the bulbs, I was so reminded on the verse of keeping our eyes fixed on not what is seen but it unseen. That's so where we're at in life; believing that good things are happening under the soil where we can't see.

{5} I cleaned my kids rooms while they were gone this weekend which brought me much joy. It's hard to clean their rooms because often when I get a chance to clean them, they are sleeping in them! As I cleaned, I thanked God for a boy and a girl to clean for. I also prayed that we would get a chance to paint Ems room soon because it's rather bleak. :)

{Notice the gorgeous Oreck created vacuum lines}

{6} Emersyn gets to sing TWICE on stage this month with her darling preschool choir, "Tiny Tunes". She sings Mothers Day morning and in the evening for our kids musical night at church. I may just black out from the cuteness. We've been practicing the two songs and I can't wait to see her sing her little heart out. 

Have a great week blog friends!!!

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Sherrie said...

Enjoy your Oreck. Ours was about a year old (we got it at Costco) and we just donated it to the Good Will. Was not a fan :/. I have heard nothing but good things though :).

I will have to try that Spaghetti squash-it sounds yummy.

That is so cute that Ems gets to sing twice. She is taking after her mom. Although, I have never heard your voice, I am sure it is beautiful. ~S