Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This past month Emersyn got to sing on stage at church TWICE. She now thinks this is going to be a regular thing. Little does she know, she won't be back on stage until Christmas time but let's keep that between us, okay?

Ems sang on Mother's Day which was very special and then she sang at our church's kids music night this past week. The music ministry at my church is incredible. I grew up singing in the kids choir and performing in the spring musicals and they are still doing them. First the preschooler's sing and then there's a 40 minute musical that the kids, ages first through fifth grade, perform. It's so sweet and the kids are all so proud and excited.

Before we headed to the music night, Brett took a few pictures of the kids and of Ems getting ready for her big night.

"check check check....1, 2....1, 2..." It's important do a sound check before a big performance you know!  

Ems is totally into having her nails painted now and I LOVE it. I think they look so cute on little girls. I always paint her nails right before I dry her hair so they can dry during that time. I love pampering my girl!!

I didn't get any pics from the actual performance because I actually helped escort the choir on the stage but I assure you, they were darling! Ems sang great....she could hardly contain herself too, she was semi dancing the entire time. :)


Melissa said...

Aw!!! I love that she enjoyed it so much!! :)

MiMi said...

From the Video I saw, she was rocking!!!!
She just draws you in with her Sonshing face and love for the Lord!
Love you!
Mimi and Grampa

LeAnna said...

SO CUTE!!!!!