Thursday, May 10, 2012


Faith is a blessing. Some may say that it's hard to have faith during the hard seasons of life but I say it's hard NOT to have faith in hard times. If it weren't for faith, I would bury my head in my pillow and never get out of bed. I'd be too afraid to raise my children in this world, get in a car and drive.....too afraid to do much of anything. 

Sometimes faith seems like an "easy" button. Granted, my faith right now about my situation is somewhat euphoric but when I have to pay the bills that first month on Brett's new income, that's when my faith will truly be tested right? Still, I just believe that God will do what He says He will. He's done miracle after miracle in my life. I consider marrying my best friend a miracle. I consider giving birth to two healthy children a miracle. Staying in our home despite financial hardships was a miracle, remember this post? With all that God has done in my life, He deserves my trust. 

Two great things have happened since I wrote last: 

*Brett started at his new property yesterday and he really likes it. His new manager is awesome and empathetic to Brett's situation. Best part: she gave him Monday through Friday off!!!!!!!! He will still work an occasional Saturday when he chooses (because I have to get my farmer's market on still with one of my besties) but that will be great too because week days are nice to have off for activites like going to the zoo and other venues that are so crowded on the weekends. Also, Brett's commute is nearly 1/3 of what it was. This morning Brett took Emersyn to preschool so I'm still sitting in my jammies, drinking coffee with my baby boy who's munching on cheerios. Bliss. Brett's new office is literally 2 minutes from Ems school. Hallelujah. 

*Yesterday a gal that works at our church office handed me an envelope that had my name on it. I opened it up and in it was a letter and a little envelope. The letter said this:

Patti, I felt like the Lord has been prompting me to tell you something: You are not forgotten! The bible tells us to delight ourselves in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm37:4). 

I have been amazed by your faigh in regards to the circumastances going on in your family. With Brett's demotion you could ahve easily questioned the Lord, but your faith has been astounding. I would encourage you to go and read the whole of Psalm 37. I believe this is a chapter for you and Brett to hold firmly to. It's God's promise to you! 

Enclosed is enough money for a month of Emersyn's preschool. I know that it is not a lot, but I want you to know that you are not forgotten. The Lord knows the desires of your heart. And this is just the beginning.

You know what's funny? I think this next part makes the Lord giggle a little bit. This incredible generous soul *thinks* they gave me enough money for one month of Emersyn's school (and it's the exact amount...they must know where she goes and have looked up the tuition). However, since our tuition was reduced at the beginning of the year, it's actually enough for TWO months. Praise God. 

When I opened this letter I was stunned and almost felt guilty like I shouldn't have been so vocal about this situation and somehow me being vocal was like asking for a hand out. Wouldn't the enemy be so happy if he could convince us all to keep quiet about what's going on in our lives? There is a blessing in being transparent, and I want my life to be a blaring testimony. Someday if my children are ever wavering in their faith, I want to be able to say "look what God has done in our lives". You can dispute someone's testimony

I am in awe and admiration of this person who took the time to write me such a beautiful note and bless my family financially. They could have signed the letter so that I would know who exactly to thank but instead, they don't want the recognition or glory....they wanted those things to go to the Lord and for me to have no strings attached. Thank you Jesus. I cannot wait to be this person in someone's life someday. 

I am also in awe at how this person knew my desire for Emersyn to go to school and honored that. They could have given me money for our mortgage, utilities, gas....but they picked preschool because they/God knew that was a desire of my heart. I just love Him. 

Feeling so so blessed and encouraged this morning. Thank you LORD. 


Anonymous said...

Am I reading this wrong or did you say Brett gets Mon-Fri OFF? I think it's a miss-print :) So happy for the blessings in your life!

Melissa said...

Haha - yes, i noticed that too! :) (above comment)

But i am so excited for you, Patti! God is doing great things! LOVE the note & $ someone sent to you. So wonderful how God provides for us even through the hard times!