Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Treading water

Do you ever feel like you are in a place in life where you are treading water? That is how I am feeling these days....I feel like I am counting down the days/hours/minutes until I quit my job. I'm still enjoying my daughter and husband every day, but I'm feeling like I'm putting things on hold until after the holidays. I am desiring to create a little more routine in my life but I know that it is all going to change up when I no longer have to juggle my part time job, hallelujah. I'm very inspired by this post over at Money Saving Mom's Blog. I don't even know if you know how excited I am to not have to pack up my daughter's things 4 times a week. To not have to think about what she's doing, if she's happy, if she's being stimulated and learning, etc. Ever since I went back to work when she was 4.5 months old I've had to share the responsibility of raising her with other caregivers, whether it be her Nana (who has her most of the time), friends, or babysitters. As of December 17th, I am going to be the one who solely cares for my daughter and I.can't.wait.

I'm excited to go on more/longer walks. I'm excited to do more arts and crafts with her. I'm excited to teach her more about this amazing world that we live in. I'm excited for more playdates. I'm excited to have more time to devote to the ministries that I'm involved in at church. I'm excited to have more time to pursue real estate business on my own terms. I'm excited to be a better friend. I'm just excited in general.

I know that staying home will bring it's own set of challenges. I feel right now like when I go to work, it's "me time". I will never ever take for granted staying home and I can say that with full confidence. If God had me work for two years just so I could appreciate staying home, then I am grateful for the lesson. I also feel like I can be a wonderful support to other workings moms because I understand first hand what they are going through and the struggles that accompany working while raising children.

This is kind of a random post I know, but these thoughts are on my mind. I feel like I'm about to have another baby in a sense (not literally though, I promise), it's just a whole new uncharted territory in my life and I'm so so grateful.


I'll leave you with a super cute picture of the "countdown" app that I have on my phone. :)


Melissa said...

That is soooo awesome, patti!!! & you are right. you won't take it for granted! :) I am so stinking thrilled for you!

Anonymous said...

I am SSSOOO excited for you friend! 38 days is nothing - it will fly by! Love you!

Sue and Kevin said...

I'm excited for you!!!!!

Amber said...

How wonderful!!! :)

sister sheri said...

God is so awesome! What an answer to prayer!