Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Miscellany

{1} My thoughts on Halloween: yesterday we went down to visit Emersyn's great grandparents, as per our usual Halloween tradition. I was still kinda undecided about what we as a family are going to do on the actual day. I grew up trick or treating until I was about 8 or 9 and then my mom went with her personal convictions and decided to not let us go anymore. Ironically, the same year she made this decision, our Pastor's daughter borrowed a dress from me so SHE could go trick or treating. I was not pleased with this decision, LOL. Anyways, last night we got home about about 7:30 and there were SO many kids out and about. I got a little sad that we didn't have any candy and hadn't planned on taking Ems trick or treating. It's such a community event and I think we will do it next year. I know everyone has their own convictions about Halloween but so far, I don't think it needs to be something we forbid in our home. This may change as Emersyn grows up and grows more aware. We'll see. I want to do the best I can at protecting Emersyn from the "evils" of this world without making it so forbidden that she rebels in the future. We'll see how that goes. I love a fun reason to dress up and have a good time with friends. :)

{2} Today I peeked into the bathroom while Ems was playing in the bath and she cheerfully announced, "I washed my lady parts!". I love her.

{3} Last week we sold Brett's Honda on Craigslist and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I struggle with the fear of people....that's a whole other blog post for another day. The good news is, we sold the car. The bad news, now we are car shopping. We're praying for a good deal! Low price and low miles, please and thank you Lord!!

{4} 46 days until I enter the ranks of SAHM's!!!!

{5} I am not a fan of Eve today, nor will I be for the next 3 or 4 days. Just sayin'.

{6} Brett and I had a date night on Friday night! We used a "Groupon" and went to the Jopa Grill in Portland. It was delicious and fun, except for when Brett literally burnt off the roof of his mouth on some dangerously hot artichoke dip. :( Other then that, we had a great night. I have a confession though, instead of going out on the town after dinner we went home. And I went to bed. At 9:30. And apparently I snored loudly (which is unusual...I must have been OUT...I was SO tired) and kept Brett up for hours. I'm pretty sure that makes me a lousy date, lol.

{7} I have found that one mini sized box of Nerds candy will entertain one toddler for approx. 5 minutes. Keep as many boxes with you as needed.

{8} I always have TONS of miscellany type things in my head during the week and when I go to write this, hardly anything comes to mind!!

{9} I am going to be participating in NaBloPoMo this month!! It's "National Blog Posting Month" for those of you who don't know the blogger lingo. :) I did it last November and it was fun to re-read. When I challenge myself to blog more regularly, I find myself striving for more content in recipes, life lessons, fun pics, etc. It should be a great month of blog posts!

Happy Monday!


Jules said...

We've always done Halloween but we stay away from all the gory creepy stuff. I don't like that part of Halloween.

Yahoo for becoming a SAHM!

Melissa said...

i agree w/ you on halloween. i never went trick-or-treating, so i guess idk what i'm missing, but i have NO DESIRE to take my kids to do that. i am good w/ taking them to fall fest or whatever at church. That may change, who knows?! But i don't think bad of anyone who takes their kids trick-or-treating!


You crack me up - "not a fan of eve". HA!!

YIKES about Brett burning the roof of his mouth! That is no fun!! :(

Tyler said...

We did Halloween and E loved it. However, growing up we were never allowed to dress up as anything scary or gory and I def. plan on implementing that rule for E. Fun to dress up and get candy not fun to be scary and represent evil things.

"I washed my lady parts!" She cracks me up! How funny. Can't wait to hear more from your household this month.. should be fun. I am to slack of a blogger to join that LOL

Talk to ya soon girl