Friday, November 26, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration yesterday but man, am I tired? I got some cute pictures from yesterday but those will be posted later. Right now, I have a husband to snuggle with and a movie to watch. :) But since I committed to NaBloPoMo I had to post something....

This is a picture of Emersyn playing with some black beans tonight. I had a bag in a drawer and decided to bust them open and let Ems go to town. I was so proud of my self control. I originally wanted to vacuum the downstairs but realized that Ems would be going to be in the next hour or so and I wanted to play with her instead. We had fun with the beans. We scooped them up with various things, we buried things and then I got this picture of her when she was dumping beans on my foot and I was pretending it tickled. She thought it was hilarious. I love my sweet girl and love watching her learn. Daddy even paused his football game (go Ducks!) and came and played with us too. It was a fun evening activity.

Happy Black Friday everyone! I went to ONE store today at about 2pm...nothing crazy early and spent a grand total of $15. :)

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